Feature photo for Resolutions, Stats & 2018 Ramblings. A collage of different photos taken over the year, including images of me and of sex toys.

Resolutions, Stats & 2018 Ramblings

Resolutions, Stats & 2018 Ramblings

Resolutions, Stats & 2018 Ramblings

2018 has certainly been one hell of a year for me! If I could capture it in any way, it has felt like ‘the year I took control of my life’. First I started university, then I left my abuser for good, then I quit smoking and throughout it all, I have consciously worked my ass off at improving my mental health. I have a long way to go in that respect, but I already feel like such a stronger person mentally.

So, that’s my personal life, but how has my blogging year been going? Well… I’ve hung in there. I have no relationship, no sex life and no sex drive. Naturally, blogging about sex has been hard. I’m pretty sure many people would have given it up by now, but apparently, I am stubborn as a mule. I also completely adore the sex blogging community and get immense joy from writing about sex, sex drive or no sex drive. So, I’d bet my last sex toy on the fact I’ll be writing an end of year round up in another 365 days.

This last year saw an increase in reviews and a decrease in Sinful Sunday entries and articles. This initially bothered me quite a bit, as I never set out to start a review blog. However, I’ve genuinely found them a whole lot of fun to write and feel most confident as a blogger when I’m hammering at my keys about orgasm-inducing objects.

Random Stats

I’m a nosy one and always like having a peek into what’s going on behind the scenes of other blogs. So, I’m going to strip my blog and give you all a little peep show. Here are some of my random stats for 2018 –

Most Popular Post – Household Sex Toys – Get Frisky on a Budget

Least Popular Post – 20 Things I Love About Being Single

Most Popular of Those Written in 2018 – Sex Bloggers Review Affordable Sex Toys

Least Popular of Those Written in 2018 – Lovehoney Gin and Tonic Flavoured Lube Review

Most Popular Review – Servant Sex Toys Stim

Most Popular Review Written in 2018 – Lelo Sona

Highest Traffic Source – Pinterest

Most Views From – United States

Total Number of Posts This Year – 113

Of Which Were Reviews – 59

My Favourite Blog Post – An Arachnophobia Nightmare

My Favourite Image – Sinful Sunday - Edible

Most Popular Instagram Image – 

Feature photo for the Black HoD600 Silicone Chastity Review. The chastity devce and a Bette Page spanking paddle are laid on top of a black sheet.


My 2018 Resolutions

In my 2017 yearly round up I chose 3 goals for 2018 –

  • Continue blogging – Well I’m writing this a year later, so… Check.
  • Read 12 books – I hit 13. What an overachiever.
  • Do more kegel exercises – Umm.. 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right?

Do you know what always gets my attention online? Seeing what other people are reading. I’ve found some fantastic books this way, though my to-read list will probably take me until I’m 502 to get through. In case anyone loves seeing what other people are reading as much as I do, here are the 13 books I read in 2018 (In the order I read them because I’m a nerd like that) –

  1. Phillipa Gregory – The Constant Princess. Really need to read the next one!
  2. Michael J. Bader – Arousal. Fascinating, but attempts to give psychological reasons for desires, so certainly not to everyone’s taste.
  3. Caitlin Moran – How to be a Woman. Totally addictive!
  4. Anais Niin – Delta of Venus. Definitely won’t be my last Anais Niin book.
  5. Eric Berkowitz – Sex and Punishment: Four Thousand Years of Judging Desire. This was my favourite book this year. Very long, but so unbelievably good!
  6. Sylvia Plath – The Bell Jar. How had I never read this?
  7. Eroticon Anthology – Truth. Obviously, this is awesome. Have you seen the writers?
  8. Meg Kennedy Dugan – It’s My Life Now. Has great reviews, but wasn’t the right book for me and my recovery.
  9. Richard Dawkins – The God Delusion. I’m not even going to pretend I understand more than 5% of this book. If I start a book, I have a compulsion to finish it. This was genuinely agonizing to get through.
  10. Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers. Um, excuse me, Malcolm. Where the fuck are the women in this book?
  11. Girl on the Net – How a Bad Girl Fell in Love. Thank goodness she has a blog to read or I might have cried at the current lack of a third book.
  12. Stella Harris – Tongue Tied. Amazing and reviewed.
  13. Harper Lee – To Kill a Mockingbird. I wish I could write character descriptions like this.

2019 Resolutions

I don’t actually celebrate New Year’s. I have extreme anxiety about time and saying goodbye to a year kind of just makes me feel like I can’t breathe.

So, yeah.

But, having resolutions helps me see that whilst I’ve lost a year, I spent it in the way I wanted. It helps me see that I’ve used it for growth and happiness and it wasn’t wasted. So, here are my resolutions for 2019 –

  • Read 14 books
  • Try to improve my physical health
  • Keep up with my studies

In 2017 I chose a word instead of resolutions, ‘Stamina’. I wanted to have a word to keep in mind for this year too.


Blogging in 2019

Lastly, there are the things I am aiming for in regards to my blog. I intend to join in with the Smutmarathon again this year after it increased my abilities and confidence last year. I also want to write more erotica. In fact, I want my blog to be based almost entirely on reviews and erotic fiction. I will take this opportunity to say I won’t be making it to Eroticon this year. It’s just not financially possible and I can’t find the support I would need with childcare. There are so many people I am going to be sad to miss, but I know how fortunate I have been to attend for the last two years. I hope next year things will be different. But for this year, well, to be honest, I’m totally gutted.

All that remains to say is thank you to you all. Your support has been incredible and I am so grateful to every one of you. I wish you all a wonderful new year!

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  1. I loved this review – you’ve given it some great extra angles. I’d love to see your book reviews, they’re a thing I love doing too. I’d have never guessed that Pinterest could bring lots of traffic. I Love the favourite image but am gutted you wont be able to attend Eroticon. Most of all kudos for taking back your life – 2019 is the year we’ll see you at full power.

    1. Author

      Aw thank you, Posy! It’s probably a lot more vanilla than most people’s, but if I’d tried to write about sex it would have been a blank page lol! Pinterest is mostly good for advice type posts and has always been my highest traffic source since starting my blog. So definitely worth checking out. I hope you’ve had a happy new year! x

  2. Yay for all the awesome things you’ve achieved last year. I was so happy to read that you’re participating in Smut Marathon again because I loved so many of your stories and I was rooting for you. I hope this year is everything you want it to be. 😊

  3. You are such a strong woman, Aurora, the way you have handled everything last year and is still handling life. I am sad to see you will not be at Eroticon, but I totally understand why. We will miss you and of course look forward to seeing you next year!
    And yayyyy for the Smut Marathon. I look forward to your entry 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. Aww, such a shame you won’t be at Eroticon. I enjoyed meeting you last year and your blog continues to go from strength to strength!

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