October Favourites - Spiders, Sweets & Speeches

October Favourites – Spiders, Sweets & Speeches

October Favourites – Spiders, Sweets & Speeches

October Favourites – Spiders, Sweets & Speeches

October will mark the second year running in which I missed out on the opportunity to get spooky with my blog. I had all the Halloween plans, I just lacked any organisation. Hopefully, I will have learned a lesson, but probably, I won’t have. Organisation is very far from being my strong point. In fact, this month saw my blog being a lot more on the sparse side than the spooky. Life got in the way, just as it loves to do.

I don’t have many plans for November, except for getting through it with a reasonably active blog. I’m struggling with my current uni course and need to focus on that first. Priorities and all that. At the very least I’ll be making the time for some reviews though since that means I have to find time to wank. And I am very up for finding time to wank.

I understand this intro makes me sound a little stressed out, and the truth is that I am. So taking some time to focus on the things that have brought me smiles and orgasms is definitely what I am in need of.

So, Here’s the Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving in October

Sex Toy

I screwed and reviewed five different sex toys this month. Whilst they were all good, the truth is none of them completely wowed me. They all left me thinking ‘this could be improved’, rather than ‘omg the manufacturer is a wizard’. However, one of them did give me the ability to do something I have never before been able to do with a sex toy. The Loving Joy Curved Dildo is the first dildo small enough to put in my ass. There is no sorcery in its creation, but as it’s thin enough to shove up my butt, it’s my favourite sex toy this month.

Feature photo for Loving Joy Curved 5 Inch Dildo review. Dildo suction cupped to glass Marilyn Monroe popart, with lube on the head.

Sex Writer/Educator

I have been at this ‘monthly favourites’ business for 2 years now and realised I needed to make a list of all the creators I have included. Which made me realise all of the wonderful ones I have been enjoying and haven’t given a shout out to! Like The Dildorks who have been entertaining and educating me with their podcast for nearly 2 years! It’s hilarious, informative and their passion for sexy things is contagious.

Kinky Something

In my ‘Ten Things I’ll Never Write About‘ blog post, I said I would never write a book review, and I’ve happily turned down any opportunity. Until I was given the opportunity to review ‘Tongue Tied‘ by Stella Harris. This is a book on communication in kink and relationships, and a book I knew I would benefit so much from reading. I haven’t finished it yet, but unless the last chapter involves it saying everything previously said was wrong, I can guarantee it’s getting a good review from me. It is expertly written, interesting and packed with useful and accurate information.

Sexy Photo

Once again, the only image of me this month was for the last Sinful Sunday prompt week. If I’m honest it really didn’t come out how I had hoped. My left arm looks weird and it is sadder than I wanted it to be. However, I am always happy when I manage to find the time to join in with Sinful Sunday.

Image of Aurora Glory nude, with black suitcase angled to cover her body.

Blog Post

Whilst I definitely didn’t do all the spook stuff I wanted to this month, I did write ‘An Arachnophobia Nightmare‘ complete with spiders and coffin. I had so much fun writing this story and it was my first time joining in with Masturbation Monday too. I hope I can find the time to write another masturbation worthy post for this meme soon!

And The Not-So-Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving This Month

Motivational Speeches

These aren’t for everyone and are usually full of contradictions. But, when I’m feeling down and want to curl up in a blanket and Netflix binge, they kick me up the bum. They always make me feel more positive and give me the push I need to be productive. I am so grateful for them.

Halloween Candy

Stress and poorliness meant I couldn’t enjoy Halloween to the extent I would have liked to, but I curled up coughing with a bucket of Halloween candy and a scary movie. I do love a Refresher and a Drumstick lolly.

october favourite halloween candy

I’d love to hear what sexy things you’ve been loving throughout October too! 

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