Feature photo of the NS Novelties Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator in pink, on top of black curled paper.

Review: NS Novelties Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator

Review: NS Novelties Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator

Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator Review

I am all about the clit vibes. One look at my sex toy collection will prove how much of a sucker I am for vibrating objects on my clitoris. What’s not to love? Whilst perhaps I didn’t need the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator, I find need is irrelevant when it comes to sex toys. They are all about the want. I definitely wanted another compact clit vibe to sing me all the way to a mighty climax. And with the bonuses of rechargeability, 7 functions and a waterproof design, who could possibly resist?


The packaging for the Luxe Scarlet vibe is somewhere between those utterly crap flimsy boxes and the ridiculously luxurious ones you don’t know what the hell to do with. Inside this mediocre, though in my opinion, ‘just right’, box is a new vibrating orgasm inducer, charging cable and the thing that never fails to put a smile on my face, a storage pouch.

Photo of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator Packaging. A rectangular pink cardboard box with an image of the Luxe Scarlet on the front.
Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator Packaging


Whilst you might look at my Luxe Scarlet Bullet and think ‘Oh for the love of God, not another pink bloody sex toy’, fear not – this vibe is available in ivory and turquoise too. We can all now breathe a massive sigh of relief at not having to have another sex toy that looks like Barbie vomited all over it.

Made of completely body safe silicone with accents of abs plastic, it is both soft, smooth and oh so buttery. This little vibe is light and petite with only a 4.25inch length, giving about 3.5inches of slimline insertable goodness. The circumference is just 3 inches, making it not only perfect for clitoral precision but also ideal for anyone looking for small insertable vibrators. Along the shaft are 4 gentle waves of texture, making penetration all the more interesting.

The tip of the Luxe Scarlet is rounded, so both internal and external use is as comfortable as possible. Though it does lack the necessary curved tip of a g spot vibrator, due to its completely straight design. I guess NS Novelties can be forgiven since they did make this vibe entirely waterproof. Sexy shower orgasms, here I come!

Photo of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator laying on top of the black satin Storage Pouch
Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator Storage Pouch


 I remember the days before rechargeable sex toys, when my favourite vibe would run out of battery juice at that very crucial moment and I’d whip around the house in a frenzy in search of battery-powered objects to steal from. Now I can recharge my toys between wanks and never get asked who the hell took the batteries out of the remote control, again?! Anywaayyyy, the usb charger clips to the base of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet magnetically and stays firmly in place until it’s revved back up with orgasm inducing power.

Photo of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator with white usb charging cable clipped to the base.
Charging the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator


With 7 functions, there is just the right amount of variety for a one-button control. Clicking the button at the base of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet will scroll you through 3 increasing intensities and 4 standard vibration patterns. Naturally, I switch it on and click three times – taking me straight to that most powerful steady vibe, Oooo yeah!

Close up photo of the square button base of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator, with two metal clips to connect to charger.
Control Button & Charging Base of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator


For me, the vibes of the Luxe Scarlet are somewhere between average and the vibes that are so powerful you fear they will burn your clit off. Basically, they are undeniably powerful but I’ve felt better. If better equates to stronger, which for me it absolutely always does when it comes to vibrators. In terms of rumble, this little vibe certainly has it. No length of play with this toy has resulted in my clitoris going completely numb, which buzzy vibes just love to do to me. The absolute bastards.

If you’re looking for a discreet vibrator, this may not be it. It probably won’t make your neighbours think you’re lawnmowing your bedroom like the uber loud sex toys do, but it definitely has more of a buzz than a duvet could drown out. Fortunately, some music will likely do the job. Or you could just take it in the bath or shower to get wet… Twice.

Close up photo of the rounded tip of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator
Rounded Tip of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator

Play Time


I can guarantee that with this vibe pressed against my clitoris, I will orgasm within 2 minutes. For me at least, the Luxe Scarlet is a sure thing. It has the power, the rumble and the precision my clit craves. The rounded tip is comfortable when I push it against myself for an extra kick of the buzzing stuff and with a drop of lube I can glide and swirl it with orgasm inducing ease. Whilst the vibes may not penetrate with the rumbling depths that reach my vagina, they do encompass my vulva. Sending waves of pleasure all over my favourite external region and soon leaving me a shivering mess of post-orgasmic bliss.


Internally I really get to appreciate the rumble of this vibe. Whether the vibrations are patterned or steady they penetrate the walls of my vagina with a depth only the rumbliest of vibrators can achieve, almost making up for the lack of g spot pleasing curve. Unfortunately, it is not only the curve that is lacking for g spot fun, it is the length too. If you want a comfortable chunk of the vibe to hold onto, you aren’t left with the length a g spot tickling needs. Still, the silky smooth silicone glides in and out with perfect ease when combined with a waterbased lube. And with a rumble as strong as that of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet, I find it the perfect size for pleasure without discomfort. Not to mention the joys of giving it a twist and reaping the benefits of that wavy texture.

Full image of the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator on a plain white background.
Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator


The NS Novelties Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator really has everything going for it. In fact, if asked how it could be improved, I would be officially stumped. I have used it so much more than was needed for the purposes of this review, just because it is so damn good. It is well made, thoughtfully designed and, to put it blatantly, gives me some banging orgasms. It may not be for those looking for broad external stimulation or long and thick penetrators, but if you’re looking for precise, petite and powerful you can call this vibe officially recommended.

If you would like to try the Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator it can be purchased here for $39.99

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Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator

Luxe Scarlet Bullet Vibrator

Orgasm Rating

9.5 /10


8.0 /10

Noise (1=loud)

4.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Rumbling Vibrations
  • Powerful
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Body Safe Materials


  • Pretty Loud

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