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Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Review

Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Review

Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Review

No matter how fancy the sex toy, the truth is the ones I really love are the little clit vibes I can keep on my bedside table. The ones I can grab when I’m half asleep and my head has just wandered somewhere a bit too arousing. This has been the purpose of my Noje W1 Mini Wand since the day I got it out of its box to photograph, had an impromptu orgasm and placed it in the proud spot on my bedside table. The spot only the really good clit vibes get to go. The perfect vibes that can make me come before I’ve even had a chance to fully wake up.


The packaging for the Noje W1 is nice but simple. A cardboard box with a white plastic insert containing the mini wand and its charger. Who needs fancy packaging anyway? It all ends up in the same bin…

Photo of the white Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator packaging on a white background.
Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Packaging


When they say mini, they mean mini. This wand is similar in size to a clitoral bullet vibrator, so if you love precise stimulation as much as I do, it’s ideal. It fits snugly in my hand with only 4.75 inches of length and a 1.25 inch width. It is also incredibly light, adding extra hand comfort to my play time.

The Noje W1 is made using completely body safe materials, with the main body being made of ABS plastic and the massaging head having a removal silicone cover. This cover pops off and back on with ease – sex toy clean up has never been easier! Not only does the head have a useful removable cover, it also has a flexible neck. Even after a harsh flexing, the neck remains strong, making clitoral movement comfortable and easy during play.

As well as loving my semi-conscious wankjobs, I’m also a sucker for a good solo shower fumble. Nothing starts the morning off with a smile like a 7am soaking wet orgasm. Fortunately for me, this Noje mini wand is made to withstand even the wettest of scenarios. Sexy showers, here I come!

Photo of the Noje W1 with the white massaging head sleeve removed.
Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Removable Sleeve


As with all the best sex toys, this mini wand is USB rechargeable. It’s wank ready in a modest 1.5 hours, supplying you with a good 1 hour of play. Or in my case, around 40 panty soaking orgasms.

The charger is magnetic and, if I’m honest, a tad on the fiddly side. Sure it works, but I’ll always have a preference for a charger that can’t be accidentally knocked out, resulting in my tragic lack of orgasm.

Photo of the Noje W1 with the white USB charging cable clipped to the base.
Charging the Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator


In my experience of chatting sex toys on a daily basis, most people aren’t all that into pattern vibes on their clit. Including me. But Blush Novelties clearly made the Noje W1 mini wand with more than just the majority in mind, offering 5 steady vibration intensities and 5 rhythm vibes too.

These are all controlled by one button, at the base of the wand. It couldn’t be easier to mix things up during masturbation, first scrolling through the 5 intensities and then hitting the patterns. One button does, however, come with the pain in the ass of having to scroll through every setting if you accidentally click past your favourite. I think I genuinely do this every single time, at least twice. It also means turning the toy off takes around 3 seconds of holding down the button, which might be something to consider if you’re looking for discretion.

Close up of the control button on the Noje W1. A large circular button on the wands base.
Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Controls Button


There seems to be a common opinion that rumbly vibes are better than buzzy ones. And whilst I’ll admit a vibe that’s going to numb my clit is my idea of masturbatory hell, there is a harmonic medium between the two that is my personal preference. The Noje W1 falls into that blissful medium. It doesn’t send me into a frustrated angst of numbness, nor does it make the entire lower half of my body jiggle like I’m stood on a Power Plate at the gym.

Of course, a blissful medium is all very well, but if it doesn’t come with a crap tonne of power on offer I’ll still think it sucks. Whilst this mini wand isn’t the most powerful toy I own, it is up there with some of the best. I really can’t see the vibrations being too weak for many people. I’ve always said my clit is divaliscious, but the Noje more than satisfies its desires.

If someone asked me to recommend a powerful but quiet clitoral vibrator, this is the one I would suggest. Most toys don’t live up to their whisper claims, but this one really is one of the most discreet vibes I own.

Close up of the white Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Massaging Head. With gentle ridges around the base of the head and a white corrugated flexible neck.
Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator Massaging Head


Half asleep I will reach my hand out and grab the Noje W1. Pressing its body temperature head against my clit, I switch it on. Too weak, I want more. I scroll through the settings.

Dammit, I missed the one I wanted.

I scroll through again, more focused this time, making sure I stop at the highest steady intensity.

Oh, my.

I gently roll the flexible neck in a pleasurable but unrhythmic movement. My orgasm comes quickly – strong and long. But I want more. It feels too good to stop now. I press harder and roll faster, in the hopes of achieving just a few more clutches of pleasure.

Yes, yes, yes!

The Noje W1 gets flung back on my nightstand as I roll over, satisfied and sleepy.

Full size photo of the Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator in sage green.
Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator


I have become unexpectantly taken by this mini powerhouse.  I really didn’t envision it being one of the few review products I used past the testing out stage. Not only have I given it pride of place on my nightstand, I have completely neglected my other toys in lieu of a Noje orgasm. If Goldilocks was looking for sex toys, this is the one she’d go for. It really is ‘just right’.

If you would like to try the Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator, you can purchase one here for $57.99

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Huge thanks to Betty’s Toy Box for sending me the Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator in exchange for an honest review!

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Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator

Noje W1 Mini Wand Vibrator

Vibe Power

9.5 /10

Noise (1 = loud)

8.0 /10

Orgasm Rating

10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

9.0 /10


  • Body Safe Materials
  • Powerful Vibrations
  • Waterproof
  • 10 Vibration Options


  • Slightly Fiddly Charger

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