March Favourites

March Favourites – Weather, Wands & Writers

March Favourites – Weather, Wands & Writers

March Favourites – Weather, Wands & Writers

We are finally stepping into April which means, hopefully, the warm weather will soon be upon us. At least those of us in the UK who have been abnormally freezing this endless winter. I am so ready to be blogging in my bikini on the beach. Come on sun, hit me!

Despite the cold and snow, March was a very special month for me and many other sex bloggers. March meant Eroticon! Which, of course, was bloody awesome and the highlight of my blogging year. I’m already counting down the days until next years… About 350 days, if you were wondering.

Aside from Eroticon though, March wasn’t a great blogging month for me. My motivation just kinda dropped. Dramatically. I published fewer posts than ever and wrote the most ridiculously half-assed piece of writing for the Smut Marathon. The truth is, since starting my uni course sex blogging has gone from ‘what I want to do with my life’, to a hobby. I certainly don’t intend to stop blogging, I absolutely adore it (just not quite as much as working with data, apparently). But I am still trying to get my head around the shift in my priorities and my new, less intensive, blogging style.

So, What Are the Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving Most This March?

Sex Toy

It feels like every sex toy I touch lately turns to orgasms. The sex toy industry is definitely improving and it’s reached a point of power I never thought it would: Some toys are too damn powerful for me. However, one toy I tried for the first time this month was just right in every single way. The Noje W1. It’s just the right amount of powerful and just the right amount of precise. It is clitoral perfection.

Noje W1 Mini Wand on top of a pink book - Hot Sex by Tracey Cox

Sex Writer/Educator

I first discovered Brigit Writes via a Wicked Wednesday entry and I immediately fell for her beautifully erotic style of writing. The way she puts words together is a craft. Her writing is sensual and alluring and I admire her talent greatly. I really don’t have the words to do her writing justice, but it you are a fan of erotica I guarentee you won’t regret checking hers out.


Once again it’s a Sinful Sunday prompt photo that was my favourite of the month. What I really love is that this is one of the few photographs in which I like my imperfections. I’m starting to realise that the more natural the surroundings, the more I love nude, real bodies. Shockingly, even when it is my own body.

Sinful Sunday -

Kinky Something

Something pretty damn fantastic happened at the end of Eroticon. They held a raffle for all delegates and my name was the first to be called! This sort of awesomeness never happens to me. After spending the weekend lustfully stroking the Sheets of San Francisco bedding and weeping over my non-existent bank balance, I actually got to take one of their beautiful sheets home! Messy kink is super arousing to me and I really can’t wait to get as messy as possible in the cleanest way possible.

Sheets of San Francisco Strap Sheet and box on a white background. Eroticon 2018 raffle prize.

Blog Post

Unfortunately, one of the posts that have been a lot less frequent on my blog this month is #SOSS. It’s extremely time consuming and the perfectionist in me can’t handle doing it any other way. It is definitely something I need to think about and find a way of keeping up with, as supporting other sex bloggers is incredibly important to me. I know how bloody hard they work! I did manage to do a #SOSS post rounding up all the best sex blogging advice around and I really hope that will support established bloggers whilst also being helpful to newer sex bloggers. And not-so-new sex bloggers; I’ve found a lot of the advice really useful too!

And The Not So Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving This Month?


It sounds like a bit of a strange one, right? Especially for me, someone who is very vocal in my non-sex blogger life about my hatred of lying. But, this month I realised that my need to people please was overshadowing my honesty and the person I was really hurting through this, was myself. So, I’ve taken a whole new approach and I’m finally speaking the truth. Whether that truth is pleasing to people, or not.

The Guilty Feminist

How had I never heard this podcast before? It is hilarious! Literally – walking down the street with my headphones in and laughing like a hyena – hilarious. Honestly, with all the gender inequality bullshit I see on a daily basis, having something feminist and funny to relieve some of the emotional labour is like the best gift ever.

So, what have you been loving throughout March? 

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  1. What a lovely round up. I hope you find the right balance between your courses and blogging. It would be a shame if you stopped. 😊

    1. Author

      Thank you! I can’t imagine myself ever stopping, I would be lost without my blog and the community. They are both so important to me and Eroticon showed me just how much so. I’m sure I’ll still be yammering about sex for years to come lol!
      Aurora x

  2. I totally agree with you on Brigit’s writing. Ever since I have discovered her, I am a fan!
    And, good of you to think of yourself first and speaking the truth, even if others don’t like it. You should always be kind to yourself 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. I love the photo of you (I believe it was featured on an SOSS of someone else’s, yes?), and I also like Brigit’s writing, have been following her for years. Yay for writing authentically in a way that benefit you.

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