March Favourites – Respect, Rope & Jelly Beans

March Favourites – Respect, Rope & Jelly Beans

So it’s time to say goodbye to March and hello to April! March has been an amazing blogging month for me with lots of exciting things going on. So I kinda don’t want it to end. I’ve been doing a lot more reviews and loved having the chance to work with some great companies. I did a collab on pegging with Subsmissives which was a lot of fun. And I had a go at a couple of video reviews. Which are borderline awful but a work in progress. Hopefully, by the end of April, some of that progress will be apparent. I also went to Eroticon at the beginning of March, which was the best experience ever! And lastly, I was chosen as one of the top 5 Sinful Sunday photos twice over March. Which felt amazing as there are so many fantastic entries each week! So yeah, April has a whole lot to live up to. 

So, here’s the sexy things I’ve been loving throughout March

Sex Toy
Orion gave me the chance to review a couple of products and this realistic dildo looked too good. My wires got a bit crossed though. I didn’t realise the 6″ measurement was the circumference, rather than the length! I’m pretty sure my face was something of a picture when I first laid eyes on this mighty dong. I always thought of myself as a petite toys lover, so was very surprised at how pleasurable the stretch of a girthier dildo was. It was a completely new sensation for me and one I’ve been enjoying a whole lot this month.
Sex Blog
There aren’t that many great sex toy reviewers over on Youtube. Probably something to do with anonymity. I mean it’s not like we’re reviewing lipsticks. However, ErikaLynae rocks at video reviews. She’s funny, entertaining, informative and honest. Although I’ve been loving her videos most this month she does also have a great blog!
Lovehoney sent me this ridiculously sexy fetish harness to review on their site. If I had a fetish, harnesses would be it. The straps, the tightness, it’s just all so yum! I love everything about this one and thinking about it gets me a little hot.
Sexy Quote
You may have already seen this on my Instagram. I like to share a sexy quote on there every now and again. The thing I love most about this quote is how it includes ‘respect me’. Respect is so important in a dom/sub relationship. I fear that for some the dynamic is misunderstood and used to excuse unhealthy behaviours. You should never be in a D/S relationship without having respect for one another.
Kinky Something
Rope, rope and more rope! Did I mention rope? I’ve been kind of obsessed this month and I can’t see my obsession fading anytime soon. I’m not sure it’s a sex-related interest either, I just find it so damn pretty! And getting creative with different body parts and ties? I just love it! Love it, love it, love it!


Blog Post
I wrote my post on vanilla sex one evening on a whim, following an inspiring comment by my vanilla friend. I can’t remember what the conversation was about but it left me motivated to share the joys of vanilla sex. The thing I loved most about this post was how much it actually got me to think about my own sex life. And how beneficial it would be to strip my sex life of added spice every once in a while. No distractions. Only me and my lover.


So What About The Not So Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving?

Jelly Beans
These are an acceptable thing to get excited over right? I somehow forgot their greatness and the rediscovery led to something of a mouth orgasm. They’re that good! Nom, nom, nom.
90’s Music
Let me be clear, this doesn’t include ALL 90’s music. The Spice Girls hurt my ears. But I’ve been getting all nostalgic over the tunes of my childhood and seriously loving it. It’s crazy how 20 years later I can still remember all the words to most Robbie Williams hits. Should I admit that? Probably not…
What have you all been loving in March? Let me know in the comments below!
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