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Review: Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant

Review: Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant

Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant Review

I enjoy a festive tipple as much as the next person attempting to hang onto their sanity over Christmas. I just don’t enjoy the price I have to pay – Screaming hangovers combined with screaming children is not my idea of a Merry Crimbo. A booze flavoured cock in my mouth though? Now we’re talking. Good for the head, good for the tongue, good for the cunt. Naturally, the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant tickled my festive fancy. In fact, anything that combines booze and blowjobs and amits the hangover can take a proud place on my nightstand, any day of the year. I’m the kind of party girl that is all for staying in my PJs and getting up bright and early the next day.

So, It’s Like Having a Bar in the Bedroom?

This may surprise you, given how I am clearly such a party animal, but here it goes… I have never drunk gin. Not gin and tonic, or gin and orange, or gin and, well, I’ve never drunk it so I don’t have a clue what you mix it with. Basically, I am totally useless because I have nothing to compare this lube to. I can tell you it doesn’t taste like fruit cider or vodka or a bottle of White Lighting downed whilst spinning in circles at the bandstand.

I can also tell you that it tastes seriously damn good. It has a slight boozy flavour, without the ‘OMG my throat is on fire’ kick that the very best of the boozes have. I would know, I did drink White Lightning and Lambrini on a fairly regular basis. I clearly know my stuff.

Aside from a hint of booziness to the flavour, it also has a faint taste of citrus. In fact, it smells like I just covered my entire body in the juice of a thousand lemons and limes.

Okay, maybe more like one of each. But, I’m tipsy on lube right now so I’m likely to exaggerate.

Disclaimer – This lubricant contains zero percent alcohol. Any emotional ramblings or texting of exes is down to you, not the lube.

Image of the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant Ingredient Label.
Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant Ingredient Label

But, How’s the Slip & Slide Factor? 

This doesn’t make things slip quite as effectively as things do from my mouth when I’ve had one too many. But, really, nothing does. It does, however, have all the good kinds of slippage. My toys glide inside me better than my ass glides across the dancefloor when I try to wear heels. Unfortunately, with the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant, it’s not a long-lasting glide. This water-based lube keeps things frictionless for only a few minutes before I’m calling out for another shot. The glorious thing about water-based lubricant though, is that it doesn’t have to be another shot of G&T. A splash of water will give it back its slip and slide so I’m ready to thrust again.

Image of the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant, taken to show the front of the bottle. A clear bottle with a silver label with green and yellow spots.
Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant

Bottle Design

When I first discovered lube, bottle design seemed like the least important thing ever. As long as it made things slippery without making my bits burn, I was a happy fucker. Or wanker, depending on the activity. There comes a time though when you just like your handbags too damn much to let another bottle of crap leak in one. When you’re completely bloody sick of spreading your legs, squeezing a bottle, and getting nothing but a fresh burst of air on your clit. And sometimes, if I’m totally honest, I just don’t want to put a beautiful cock down because I need both hands to get a labyrinth of a lid off. I have since learnt the value of a bottle you can grab with one hand, squeeze onto something sexy and chuck in a handbag for later.

The clear design of the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant bottle ensures no fresh bursts of F-all will be hitting my clitoris. When the good stuff is almost out, I’ll know about it before my bare bits do. The click cap is easy to use with one hand, even if you’ve been raiding the real G & T’s. But as far as chucking it in my handbag goes? I wouldn’t let it near my favourite accessory without a ziplock bag and a steel safe.

I told you, I’m tipsy on the placebo effect. I’m prone to exaggeration.

Image of the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant Cap. A black click down cap.
Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant Cap


If someone asked me to recommend a flavoured lubricant, I’d send them straight for the Lovehoney selection. The Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant is yet another delicious addition to their tasty treats. This lube smells amazing, it tastes amazing and it actually works. A bottle of gin just made its way onto my Christmas list, but I’ll happily suckle at this whilst I wait for Santa.

You can purchase the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant here for £7.99

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Huge thanks to Lovehoney for sending me the Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant in exchange for an honest review! Affiliate links are used in this post.

Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant

Lovehoney Gin & Tonic Flavoured Lubricant


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Lasting Length

6.0 /10


9.5 /10

Bottle Design

9.0 /10


  • Delicious Flavour
  • No Artificial Taste
  • Lovely Smell
  • Clear Bottle


  • Not Very Long-Lasting

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