Love Drop Subscription Box Contents

Love Drop Subscription Box Review

Love Drop Subscription Box Review

Love Drop Subscription Box Review

I am an absolute sucker for a subscription box. I’ve signed up for makeup boxes, beauty boxes, snack boxes – There is nothing like the excitement of getting a box full of surprise treats. Except, maybe, getting to share that excitement and those treats with your partner. I’m probably the Love Drop Boxes ideal customer. Not only do I love the Christmas morning feeling of a subscription box, I also have a relationship desperately in need of some T.L.C. With work, studying and kids my relationship is gathering dust in places it should be blossoming.

Cue Love Drop.

*Before we start the review I have to drop a shitty bombshell. Unfortunately, the Love Drop boxes are currently aimed at cis hetero couples. I understand it from a business perspective. I also understand how invalidating that is for any couple that does not fit that description and I sincerely apologize if this review has caused any harm because of that.*

So, What Is Love Drop?

Love Drop is a bi-monthly subscription box. For £45 you get a box immediately after signing up and then every other month on the 10th. Its purpose is to supply you with toys, games and activities for a special night in. As a parent of young ones, this is definitely a date night that suits me!

Photo of the Love Drop box. A black cardboard box with a pale pink Lovedrop logo.
LoveDrop Box

My Experience

The whole experience of receiving the box was wonderful. The box arrived within a plain cardboard box for discretion. Inside was a black Love Drop box, with goodies displayed amongst curls of black paper. My fingers tingled with excitement as I dived in to see what surprises were inside.

Here’s what I got in the February/March box:

  • Perlesque Clio Love Balls – These are beautifully packaged in a thick cardboard box and made of a silky soft body safe silicone. They’re light enough for my kegel neglecting (I know, shame on me) vagina to hold and contain balls to increase sensation. They’re a great way to warm up to a night of fun and can even be worn out for some public mischief. I think they’re the perfect product to have been included.
LoveDrop box contents - 2 grey silicone love balls attatched by a flexible grey silicone cord.
LoveDrop Box Perlesque Clio Love Balls
  • Perlesque Hera Cock Ring – I understand the popularity of cock rings and thus why this has been included, unfortunately, my partner hates them. But, this is just one of the risks involved in a subscription box. Despite our issues with it though, the bullet of the ring is seriously cool. It only vibrates when your vulva meets up with the sensor, so vibrates in rhythm with thrusts. It would also be amazing for oral as it would vibrate as your mouth meets up with the sensor. Extra sensational deep throat. The ring also has a huge amount of stretch whilst still feeling reasonable tight when on.

*I highly doubted that the clear, stretchy and sticky ring of this was actually made of silicone, as claimed. So, for the first time in my sex blogger lifetime, I decided to do the flame test. It was pretty conclusive that this cock ring was NOT made of silicone. Whilst I am very confident, I couldn’t say this with absolute certainty (I’m no scientist).*

Photo of the Hera Cockring from inside the LoveDrop box. A clear ring with a grey bullet inserted and red light up sensor.
LoveDrop Box Contents – Perlesque Hera Cock Ring
  • Raw Halo Mylk Choc & Pink Himalayan Salt – Organic, dairy-free and gluten-free! I really appreciate the thought to make this suitable for more people. And chocolate is yum, so it’s definitely a winner for me!
Photo of the Raw Halo Mylk Choc & Pink Himalayan Salt. A bix cradboard box with gold wrapped chocolate inside.
Raw Halo Mylk Choc & Pink Himalayan Salt
  • LoveDrop Box Contents – Kutuu “Reasons Why I Love You” Tag Book – I adore this little set. It includes a mini pencil, copper coloured ribbon, a wooden front and back and multiple pages to fill in about why you love your partner. It’s a lovely, thoughtful activity to do together or as a gift for the other.
Photo of the Kutuu "Reasons Why I Love You" Tag Book. A brown cardboard box with intricate black design, small wooden pencil, coppor coloured ribbon and wooden front and back pages to book with reasons I love you laser cut from the front. Image also includes the brown and white pages for inserting into the book.
LoveDrop Box Contents – Kutuu “Reasons Why I Love You” Tag Book
  • 8 x LoveDrop Prompt Cards – There is a perfect range of sexy and romantic ideas in these prompt cards and with 8 included, you have one prompt card for each week before your next box arrives. They are beautifully designed high-quality cards that I would definitely have fun collecting and reusing.
LoveDrop Prompt Cards, with black, purple and pale pink logo on back of the cards. Prompts are shown printed on the opposite side including things like Mix Tape and Dress Me prompts.
LoveDrop Prompt Cards
  • 2 x Lelo Hex Condoms – These are well known condoms due to being somewhat unsafe. The honeycomb design means it is almost impossible to tell whether the condom has spilt.
  • 2 x Lelo Personal Moisturizer Sachet 
Image of the 4 Lelo Samples included in the Lovedrop box.
LoveDrop Box Contents – Lelo Samples
  • LoveDrop Box Booklet – This includes a list of the included products, along with their RRP. It also has 3 challenges to complete before the next box, a date night idea and a position of the month.

All with a total value of £66.74 (apparently). The LoveDrop Prompt Cards claim to have an RRP of £9.95 but obviously aren’t actually available for purchase separately and I don’t believe anyone would pay that if they were. At least not without returning them in a fit of understandable rage for being completely ripped off.

An image of the LoveDrop box booklet opened up. Showing the product images and RRPs as well as challenges and date night ideas.
Inside the LoveDrop Box Booklet


Despite the issues with certain product choices, I really like the LoveDrop box. If finances would allow, I’d definitely sign up! I love the inclusion of both toys and activities and how it motivated me to give my relationship some needed attention. Sharing the excitement of surprise with my partner also gave us something special, just for the two of us. I think it’s the perfect box for my situation – two busy parents who have been together so long that we’ve exhausted all date night ideas we had. I’m very excited to see a UK couple’s subscription box with body safe products (I’m assuming they *thought* the cock ring was silicone, as described by Perlesque).

You can sign up for the Love Drop Box here for £45 bi-monthly.

Love Drop Subscription Box Contents

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Huge thanks to LoveDrop for sending me the February/March Love Drop box in exchange for an honest review!

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