Review: Lelo Nea 2 – Luxury Vibes For Your Clit

Review: Lelo Nea 2 – Luxury Vibes For Your Clit

The Design

In terms of aesthetic design the Lelo Nea 2 trumps every other in my collection. The simple and sleek exterior is the epitome of feminine luxury. The contrast between the glossy obsidian black and the delicate gold of the flower motif is pure perfection. Flip the pebble vibe over and the gold continues with a petite butterfly fluttering near the tip. Below this is the two control buttons and a LELO imprint.

It goes without saying that this Lelo product has packaging as luxurious as its contents. Lelo packaging is the kind I don’t know what to do with but can’t bear to throw away. The Nea 2 comes snuggled within a black foam cushion. The rest of the contents, such as the leads, can be found hidden under a sturdy cardboard flap.

The Lelo Nea 2 is made of strong ABS plastic. This material is completely safe for your delicate parts. Containing no phthalates or pores. Not only this but the material allows for the vibrations to travel with optimum power. More so than I have found with silicone toys.

The Vibes

I’m unable to orgasm through internal stimulation alone, so I invest most in clitoral stimulators. Although I have my fair share of dildos I’m much happier shelling out more for a quality clit vibe. My vaginal anatomy is frustrating as it also takes precise powerful vibes on my clitoris to get me off. And boy did my sex life change when I discovered this!

Something I love about this toy is the shape. It gives the option to choose between precise vibes or broader vibes. For precise vibrations, my favourite, I spread the labia and press the Nea 2 against my clitoris. For broader vibrations I can press the entire toy against my vulva. The curved shape means it nestles beautifully within my folds, pleasuring the entire area.

Of all the clitoral vibes I own, there are three that stand out as the most powerful. And guess what one of those is? Yep, the Lelo Nea 2. It may be modest in size but it certainly isn’t in strength. It has a decent rumble within its buzz that gives for a deeper stimulation. This is a guaranteed orgasm inducer for me.

lelo nea 2

The Controls

This is where things go from great to mediocre. The buttons aren’t as well designed as I would like. They don’t protrude enough from the toy to make them recognisable without sight. So when my hand and toy are under the covers, I lose control of the vibe. The two buttons are equal in design which makes it hard to decipher which button will have what effect. This isn’t really an issue for indiscrete solo play. But during sex it’s a pain in the ass. Also if you’re after a discreet toy that you can switch off in a hurry, you may want to consider this.

There are 8 patterns to choose from. I occasionally use them for a warm up if I’m feeling fancy but generally stick to the steady vibes. I’m not sure I know of anyone that’s a huge fan of patterns. But, if you’re a pattern princess the Lelo Nea 2 has got you covered.


Although toys don’t join me in the bath, they often come for some shower fun. The Nea 2 included. It still works as well as ever so I can confirm it’s totally waterproof. This makes for very easy clean up. A scrub with warm, soapy water and a rinse. Job done.

lelo nea 2

Noise Level

Lelo claim the Nea 2 to be whisper quiet and they aren’t far off. If you’re after discretion then you’ve got it in this vibe. Can you hear the vibrations? Yes. But, for the power you get you pay a very small price in terms of sound. If discretion is something I’m concerned about, this is the toy I go for. In fact, I was taken aback by the lack of sound on this toy. Although bear in mind the point I made about the controls if discretion is a factor for you.


I used to believe Lelo toys weren’t as powerful as other brands. The Lelo Nea 2 proved me wrong. Not only have you got strong deep vibrations, but you’ve got them in a beautiful package. It’s not a perfect toy, but it comes pretty damn close.

If you want a Lelo Nea 2 you can purchase one from the Lelo website for £85. It’s available in Obsidian Black, Deep Rose and Midnight Blue.

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