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July Favourites – Violet, Vibes & Voices

July Favourites – Violet, Vibes & Voices

I’m not entirely sure what happened, but around mid-July I felt like I got my fire back. It’s no secret my blogging flames had died down to a pile of sizzling embers, the lack of blog posts and disappearing social media presence made that pretty obvious. I never considered giving up though, I knew I never would. But my pace sure as hell slowed down.

Due to the aforementioned rekindled passion for typing about sex, July has been a wonderful month. Sure, spare time is something I haven’t seen in weeks, but I’m doing what I love again. And I’m loving doing it again.

On top of that, and very probably something to do with my return to blog consistency, I have felt a rising desire for actual sex. For naked bodies and licking and such. A month ago I was ready to accept myself as quite possibly asexual. I just didn’t fancy anyone. Sure, I could spot a good looking person in a crowd, but the urge to rip their clothes off just wasn’t there. And I was getting pretty damn depressed about it.

And now… Well, honestly, it’s still not there. But I can feel it coming. Like a storm brewing in my loins, I can feel my future. And my future’s bent over a desk with a handsome man’s head between my legs.

So, Let’s Get to Those Monthly Favourites…

Sex Toy

Ever since I received the Ann Summers Moregasm+ Bullet, I haven’t been able to put it down. What I expected to be a mediocre vibe, turned out to be a new favourite. It’s powerful, it’s rumbly and it hits my spot so good I come before I’ve got past the porno intro.

Feature photo for Ann Summers Moregasm+ Bullet Vibrator Review. Pink glitter background with bullet resting on top of a large rainbow lollipop

Sex Writer/Educator

Thanks to my involvement in the Smut Marathon, I have discovered some real hidden gems amongst the sex blogging community. With so many great blogs out there, it can be difficult to dive deep into every single one and I miss out on real treasures. Such as Violet, of Fire and Honey. Whilst I was aware she posted smolderingly good photos to Sinful Sunday, I had no idea how fantastic she was with words. In the latest round of the Smut Marathon, she posted my favourite entry to date. I can’t remember where, but I once read the sign of great erotica is whether it’s good without the sex. This is what Violet does, amazing stories with the added bonus of seriously hot stuff!


I was very excited to return to Sinful Sunday this week. I’d missed how good it felt for me to be erotic. I unburied my box of lingerie, put on one of my favourite pieces and got myself in positions I’d almost forgotten existed. The photo came out far from great, but it made me feel good and it made me feel sexy. And that’s really all that matters to me right now.

Black and white photo. Knelt over, photo from behind, showing glittery heels and fishnet covered bum. A white foggy filter used over the image.

Kinky Something

I’m deciding that this seemingly unkinky thing qualifies as kinky, based on the way it makes me feel. And based on the fact it’s practically the only thing I do feel pretty damn hot and horny about these days. The thing is voices. Deep, rough, fuck me now, voices. If you’re curious as to what my rip-my-clothes-off-now voice of choice is, please allow me to introduce Mr George Ezra. He doesn’t know it, but his voice and I have become very, very close over this past month.

Blog Post

I have a problem. I don’t know how to say no to sex toys. When I’m emailed by a company to review for them, I think about saying no, but I still somehow say ‘Hell yeah’. It’s reached a point at which if I have the chance to write, it has to be a review. How else will I ever catch up? I’m not complaining, I am extremely fortunate, I know that. But, I didn’t start this blog to write reviews, I started it to talk about sex. Right now, with my feelings on sex as they are though, maybe hiding behind the reviews for a while is what I need? Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that there is no blog post on ByAuroraGlory to share. I was, however, fortunate enough to write a guest blog post on pegging for the very wonderful KinkyFever.

And My Not So Sexy Favourites…

Sex and the City

I have actually lost track of the number of times I have rewatched this series. What’s not to love? The episodes are short and sweet, they all include sex, and I get to shout at the screen every time Carrie doesn’t choose Aidan.

sex and the city

More or Less Podcast

This BBC podcast was actually recommended by my Uni tutor, but it’s soo good. The episodes are short and they answer life’s questions using maths. You don’t even have to appreciate maths to enjoy it, I promise.

So, what have you been loving throughout July? Anything amazing I just have to try? 

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