Hair Fetish – What Is It & How To Enjoy It

Hair Fetish – What Is It & How To Enjoy It

A lot of people find hair sexy. However, some have a larger sexual desire for hair. Their hair fetish can involve head hair, pubic hair, chest hair, underarm hair, facial hair or fur. As with all fetishes a person commonly has a certain type within their fetish. For instance, they may have a preference for redheads or wet hair.

The correct term for a hair fetish is trichophilia. Tricho meaning ‘relating to hair’ and philia meaning ‘love’. A hair fetish may also be referred to as trichopathophilia or hirsutophilia (mainly used in regards to an armpit hair fetish).

As with the majority of fetishes, it seems to predominantly be males that are sexually aroused by hair. Though of course there are females who also have a hair fetish. In most cases, a person has been aware of these sexual desires since childhood.

“I find it funny to say I have a hair fetish when I’m attracted to bald women”

Having a fetish for hair is actually quite common. There are even forums and a subreddit dedicated to discussing such desires. There are multiple ways in which this fetish may manifest.

Some of these are:

  • Sexual arousal over a lack of hair for eg. baldness
  • Being aroused by having your hair cut or witnessing a haircut
  • Arousal at eating hair
  • Sexual desire to pluck or pull at hair
  •  Sexual arousal over the smell of hair
  •  Being aroused by fake hair for eg. wigs or extensions
  • Arousal over hair treatments, such as perms or rollers.


“I like to pull and stroke the hair on his arm”

There are so many different ways to enjoy a partners hair. Whether by talking about hair, brushing it, washing it, cutting it, smelling it etc. There are also many sex positions which would be enjoyable based on the type of hair you are attracted to. But single people don’t have to miss out on the fun! A way of enjoying hair when not in a relationship would be through hair cutting videos on YouTube. There are also story sites for those with a hair fetish. One of these is haircuttingstories.

These are the best sex positions for a hair fetish, categorized by hair type.

Head Hair – Positions for men

Spooning – The male lies on his side behind his partner who is also on her side. You both need to be facing the same way and have your bodies parallel to one another. She may raise her top leg to make for easier entrance. Experiment to see what works for you. This position is great as you will be facing the back of her head.

Kneeling cowgirl – This position is a variant of the classic cowgirl position. The man kneels back onto his heels with his legs closed. The female then sits on him knelt either side of his knees. This is a position which puts the woman mostly in control but her hair will be in the face of the man.

Head Hair – Positions for females

Lotus position – This is actually a great position if both partners have a hair fetish. The man sits crossed legged on the floor. Then the female sits upon him, also crossing her legs behind his back. The female should be able to get a great view of her partner’s hair in this position.

Seated cowgirl – This is another variant on the cowgirl position. For this, the male sits up with his legs straight out. The woman then squats down onto him. Her head should be slightly higher than his so she can look down on his hair.

Chest Hair

Cowgirl – Yes I know there are other positions, but I couldn’t miss it out because it’s just ideal. With the male laying down completely flat the female straddles him. The great thing about this position is that the female can support her weight on her partner’s chest. Hopefully, a chest laden with arousing chest hair.

Armpit Hair

Afternoon delight – This position is perfect whether either or both partners have a sexual attraction to armpit hair. The male lies on his side straight, facing the female. She then lays at a right angle with her legs bent over his bum and feet on the bed the other side. The position should resemble a ‘T’ shape with the male being the horizontal line and the female being vertical. This position gives a great view of the armpit along with having it within reach for both partners.

Missionary – Missionary can be a great position for both partners, but particularly for the female. Missionary is the standard position in which a female lays flat on her back with her legs open and the male lies on top.

Audio Roleplay

For those whose fetish is to have their haircut, a great way of achieving arousal is through audio roleplay. These ASMR videos can be found on YouTube and simulate the sounds of having your hair cut. Although apparently not made specifically for this purpose they often include the voice of a very seductive hairdresser. All you need is a set of headphones to ensure you get the maximum effect.

hair fetish hair cut

“I love to see my cum in my wife’s blond hair”

How To Give A Hair Job

A hair job is a play on the traditional hand job, just with the added bonus of hair! It’s easiest to perform a hair job with long hair but there are ways around it if your hair is shorter (we will come to that in a minute.) I recommend using lube to decrease friction and improve his pleasure. Start off by teasing him with your hair. Stroke it across his abdomen or slowly up his thighs. Flick the ends against his balls and twirl it around the head of his penis. Once he’s sufficiently warmed up, wrap your hair around the base of his penis. How tight depends on his personal preference so keep in tune with his responses. Now start the hand job. You can mix things up by wrapping your hair around the entire shaft and placing your hand over it to give the hand job. You should decide on whether you are comfortable with him cumming onto your hair. If you are not, then at the point of orgasm you can place your mouth over the head.

“The feeling of her hair around my cock was so intense”

So what do you do if you have shorter hair or even if you have long hair and want to try a different method? Put your hair up into a bun. This should be the type of bun with an indent or hole in the middle. This gap is ideal for him to insert his penis into. This gives your partner control as he can thrust into your hair how he pleases. Just make sure you let him know if your hair is a no cum zone.

If you have a hair fetish and want to share your opinion then please do in the comments below! I would love to read them.

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