Going Down On Her – The Only Tips You’ll Ever Need

Going Down On Her – The Only Tips You’ll Ever Need

I’ll be honest, it’s not my favourite activity. I’m the kind of girl that would rather give head than receive it. But I’m a lot more likely to want to incorporate it into foreplay if my partner knows the art of cunnilingus. Since I’ve never got that up close and personal with a vagina this guide includes things I like and methods women rave about. So if you want to hear to have screaming orgasms when you’re going down on her, keep reading.
You can call it going down on her, cunnilingus, carpet munching or muff diving. We’re talking about the act of stimulating her vulva with your mouth. Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm, so it’s a skill worth mastering if you want to be a rockstar in bed.


Get Comfy

Women average at about 20 minutes to reach orgasm. Make sure you’re comfortable, this may take a while..


Don’t go straight in for the kill. Build up some anticipation by trailing kisses down her torso and up her thighs. This is the perfect way to make sure she’s arching her back with pleasure by the time you reach her clit.

No Eye Contact

This may not be true for every woman you’re with. But unless you know her and what she likes well I would avoid making eye contact when you’re going down on her. A lot of women feel uncomfortable receiving oral and you don’t want to risk making it worse.


Love What You’re Doing

It takes women a long time to orgasm and if she’s worried you’re getting bored, it’s unlikely to happen. Make sure she can see and feel that you are enjoying it at least as much as she is.

 “Once she knows you love everything about her pussy, she will relax into the best head she has ever had.”

Mix Up The Tongue Pressure

Alternate between flicking her clit with a hard pressure and licking it softly. The rest of the vulva will respond better to a lighter pressure.

Slow & Steady Wins The Race

This isn’t a workout for your tongue. Imagine it as a sensual activity rather than an acrobatic one. Keep your tongue movements slow, steady and fluid.

Listen To Her Body

Try to pick up on her queues. What makes her moan more? Is she pressing against your mouth wanting harder stimulation? Pick up on all her moans and slight movements and you will master exactly what she wants. Not all women like the same things so it’s a learning experience with each different woman. 

 “Encourage her to be vocal and tell you where and how it feels good.”



If you’re able to multitask then get those fingers in there. Not at first but as the pleasure starts to build up for her. Oral with some g-spot stimulation is my favourite kind!


Don’t take this too literally. A hoover like grasp on her clit is going to be nothing but painful for most women. But a light, wet suck can feel amazing! Keep the suction to short bursts rather than setting up camp though.


“I started sucking her clitoris, creating a vacuum and continuing to make circular movements with my tongue. I alternated that with big, pressured licks of her entire vulva, from vagina to clitoris”


A Steady Finale

As she starts to reach orgasm it’s important you keep at the pace you were at. Carry on doing exactly what you were doing. You’re nearly at the finish line, don’t mess it up now!

Round Two

If she’s game then you can go in for round two. Women can have multiple orgasms. In fact, I don’t usually feel completely satisfied unless I’ve had more than one. Hey, if you’re up for a round three, then why not?
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So that’s my advice on going down on her. If you want to know how to stimulate her g-spot then check this post out!
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