G-Spot Stimulation – A Beginners Guide

G-Spot Stimulation – A Beginners Guide

Most people have heard of the g-spot, especially since the rise of ‘squirting’ porn. But what exactly is it? Where is it? And how on earth do you use it to get her off? Here’s a mini guide on g-spot stimulation, covering all the must-know info on the orgasm-inducing spot.

What is a g-spot?

A woman’s ‘G-spot’ is a highly sensitive area on the interior wall of her vagina. It is believed every woman has a g-spot approximately 5cm deep. It is stimulation of the G-spot that can cause female ejaculation or ‘squirting’. The sensations a woman experiences through a g-spot orgasm are different to those achieved through a clitoral orgasm.

What does it feel like?

Most of a woman’s internal vagina feels smooth and soft. However, a few cms in with your fingers pointing towards the front of her body, you should feel a rougher walnut-like patch of skin. This is her g-spot.

How do I stimulate the g-spot?

How a woman likes her g-spot to be stimulated is really dependant upon the woman. The most recommended method of stimulating the g-spot is to insert 2 fingers and then use a ‘come hither’ motion against her g-spot. Another way of explaining it is to take your middle and index fingers and curl the ends of them. You then rotate your first finger joint in a small circle repeatedly. By doing this you are basically stroking the g-spot. Though it’s best to experiment to find what works best. For example, experiment with different motions (like circular motions or sweeping your fingers back and forth) and different pressures. Oh, and also don’t forget the lube!

But how do I stimulate the g-spot during sex?

If you are a heterosexual couple there are certain positions you can try that will stimulate the g-spot better than others. The best one is Doggy style as the angle means you are naturally hitting the g-spot. Some women can find it uncomfortable if too much pressure is put on it though so go by what works for you both individually.g-spot stimulation doggy style sex position

Missionary, (with a g-spot twist) is another position worth trying. To do this have the man on top and then the woman puts her legs up and over his shoulders if she can. In doing this you create a good angle for hitting the g-spot.

g-spot stimulation missionary spread eagle sex position

Lastly, a position dubbed ‘the reverse frog squat’ is the ideal g-spot position. It involves the man laying on his back, then woman squats over him (like a frog) with her back facing him.

g-spot stimulation reverse cowgirl frog squat sex position

G-Spot Stimulation Products

If you want to use internal toys for g-spot stimulation there are three I would highly recommend. These are..

 The Lelo Mona Wave which has a curved tip that moves in the ‘come hither’ motion.

The Fifty Shades of Grey Insatiable Desire Mini is my favourite vibrator and the cheapest of the three! This vibrator is my favourite because it is perfectly proportioned to hit the g-spot and it’s mini size means the sensation is focused only on the g-spot. 

The Lovehoney Power Play 10 Function Rabbit has a curved g-spot tip which rotates for mind-blowing stimulation. Combined with a girthy shaft and powerful clitoral vibrations I actually find my orgasms with this one almost too strong to handle. 

Lastly, a product I would recommend is The Liberator Wedge which is a specially designed sex cushion. The wedge has a lot of selling points but one of them is that it creates the perfect angle for optimum g-spot stimulation.


Ladies.. You’re welcome 😉



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