February Favourites – Pinwheels, Candles & Crime Shows

February Favourites – Pinwheels, Candles & Crime Shows

Another month, another monthly blog favourites. One of my favourite posts to write as I get to remember all the sexy things I’ve been up to over the previous month. My blog has reached a comfortable place for me right now. I know what I enjoy in regards to topics and social media. But, this weekend is Eroticon! I’m hoping to pick up a lot of valuable info there, so new and exciting things may follow. I must admit I’ve been slacking in the behind the scenes stuff so hopefully I can get on top of that a bit in March!

Here is a list of the sexy things I’ve been loving in February.

Sex Toy
I rediscovered the wonders of the We Vibe Nova this month. The powerful and discreet rabbit has found its way to the top of my toy chest and there it has stayed. The problem with having a lot of sex toys is that good toys get forgotten. I’m hoping that adding sex toy reviews to my blog will be a fun way to rediscover some of my old favourites. It worked with the We Vibe Nova.
Sex Blog
Sort of a sex blog. Sort of an erotic photo community. If you’ve seen my two posts titled ‘Sinful Sunday’ you may have an idea of what I mean. Each week Molly’sDailyKiss hosts an erotic photo share here. I’d been wanting to get involved since I discovered it and am so glad I did this month. Sunday night I grab a cuppa and have a scroll through everyone’s imaginative photos. I love it!
I bought this gorgeous wine body a while ago and saved it for Valentines Day. Come Valentines night I paired it with some nude stockings and it looked amazing! My partner, who wasn’t a fan of it off, absolutely loved it on. He said I looked classy and I felt it. It is a stunning piece of lingerie that I know I will wear again and again. Though not for our more kinky sex sessions.
Sexy Quote
If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you will have seen this quote already. It’s just hilarious. I smile every time I see it.
Kinky Something
One of my favourite bloggers, Subsmissives, pointed out an amazing sale on Orgasmic. Quite a few folk over on Twitter went on a shopping spree, me included. I bought several bits but this wartenberg pinwheel was the highlight of my order. It’s so damn sexy and the sensations it creates are intensely pleasurable. I love the Fifty Shades of Grey sex products and this is a perfect addition to my collection.
Blog Posts
My favourite blog post this month was 100% my post on Erotic Asphyxiation. I know how valuable and important the information included is to enjoy it safely. I hope that those that have read it took some of the advice from it. It was also my first post that included a video. A big move for me which I hope I will continue in future posts.

So what are the unsexy things I’ve been loving in Febuary?

Scented Candles
If I’m at home in the evening you can guarantee I’ve got one on the go. Tea lights, votives, massage candles, I’m not fussed. As long as it smells good. I’ve definitely got a preference for fruity scents. Or vanilla. I love vanilla.
Criminal Minds
I’ve actually watched them all at least 3 times but a few weeks ago I started again. I just love the show so damn much. Crime is by far my favourite genre and I love the focus on psychology rather than forensics in Criminal Minds. The day I discovered it, that was a very good day.
So that’s it for February. Let me know what things you’ve been loving in the comments below!
If you missed my January favourites, you can see those here!
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