February Favourites

February Favourites – Exhibitionism, Erotica & Equations

February Favourites – Exhibitionism, Erotica & Equations

February is over, which means I am allowed to start freaking out with excitement that Eroticon is only two weeks away! TWO WEEKS! I can not contain myself. I just can’t.

February has been short and sweet. I knew my post frequency would go down, and sadly it did. Studying full time is, unsurprisingly, taking up all my time. So I’ve spent most of February sulking and trying to get my head around the change. Blogging was my everything and now it has to come second. It sucks. I’m going to have to sulk about this for a bit longer.

During February I entered my first submission into the Smut Marathon. I very nearly didn’t join in with it and I am so glad I was encouraged to sign up. So far it has been seriously bloody awesome. I love every stage. The challenge being set, getting creative with words, the voting and the feedback and results. It has been the highlight of my last few weeks. I won’t lie, I’m going to be absolutely gutted when I get knocked out.

So, What Have I Been Loving Most Throughout February?

Sex Toy

Sometimes I get a sex toy to review that I am basically, completely unexcited about. I reluctantly take it out its box, look longingly at my We Vibe Tango and with a sigh, I press the inevitable disappointment against my clit.  This is basically exactly how it went with the Pink B.O.B Paris Nubby. Except, it actually kinda blew my mind. It was an unexpected game changer. Now I have to wonder why all the vibrators in the world do not have these orgasm exploding nodules of pleasure? Why? WHY?

Pink B.O.B Paris Nubby Clitoral Teaser Review

Sex Writer/Educator

There are, quite simply, not enough cis-guys in the sex blogging world. We need more. Lots more. Fortunately, the ones that are around are pretty damn awesome! One of whom is Bondage God. Who I first got to know via the Lovehoney forum and have had the pleasure of watching his blog grow over the last year. If I want to read about toys from the perspective of someone with a different anatomy to myself, his blog is one of my favourite places to start.


Well, this one is easy peasy lemon squeezy. I’m currently only doing Sinful Sunday prompt week, due to the aforementioned time restraints, and this was my prompt week image for February. It’s summery and colourful and fun. I like it.


Kinky Something

Sex outside is great, but it isn’t something I’d say was one of my kinks. I’m totally game, but a bed does the job just as nicely. However, seeing the reaction of my partner/ex/friend (I have no idea what he is anymore), when I was stripping for Sinful Sunday in some caves, was enough to get me thoroughly juiced up. We dusted the 5 month cobwebs off my vagina against a fallen down tree. So, needless to say, sex outside definitely gets my kink vote for February.

Blog Post

I made the time to join in with Wicked Wednesday again this month. I absolutely love to write erotica. I can just get lost in my own little world of words. One Text, One Regret gave me the chance to rewrite history in a much sexier way.

And the Unsexy Things I’ve Been Loving This Month? 


I’m sure the novelty will wear off pretty quick, but studying after so long out of education has been amazing so far. When I’m sat trying to get my head around a maths equation, I am genuinely glowing with happiness.


It hasn’t been the best weather to be yanking on my wellies and going for a trek in the woods, but I’ve been loving it anyway! It seems a lot quieter this time of year and it’s good to get me away from the laptop and my phone for a bit. I’m very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place.

So, what have you been loving most throughout February? 

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