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Eroticon 2018 – Nine Things I Brought Back

Eroticon 2018 – Nine Things I Brought Back

Eroticon 2018 – Nine Things I Brought Back

Eroticon 2018 has been and gone, my suitcase has been unpacked and I’ve had time to reflect on what was a wonderful experience. The absolute highlight of my blogging year. Whilst I didn’t believe last year’s Eroticon could possibly be topped, it most definitely was! So, here are nine of the things I brought back from Eroticon with me… On top of the knowledge that buying new shoes for the event is a terrible idea, that results in bleeding feet and a limping Aurora.

A Longer Sexy Wishlist

Firstly, I got to feel the powerful rumble of the Doxy 3. Holy crap I bet it feels good on a clit! And if my intense wanting of that is not enough to make my bank balance weep, I also had to go and try the ElectraStim Paddle. The idea of that zinging on my backside between spankings is just too good not to experience. 2018 will not be complete until they are both in my life.

A Shorter Sexy Wishlist

Two things may have been added to my wishlist, but one big thing came off it too! Eroticon had a raffle at the end of the Sunday and I thought I must have misheard when they called my name first! I had first choice of the goodies and knew exactly what was going to be coming home with me: The Sheets of San Francisco sheet. The messy possibilities are too exciting!

Sheets of San Francisco Strap Sheet and box on a white background. Eroticon 2018 raffle prize.

A Bit More Confidence

About half an hour into the Friday Meet & Greet you would have found me locked in the toilets, crying over my social ineptitude. Yet, somehow by the Sunday, I was walking up to people and introducing myself. Last year I could count the people I spoke to on one hand, this year I lost count. It was a massive accomplishment for me and I know it was down to being in a place with such lovely and friendly people.

A Difficult Decision

I have been umming about my YouTube channel since before I even started it and was very much looking forward to Hannah Witton’s talk, so I could be a bit clearer on what I wanted. Her talk was fantastic, but did make me realise that video is not my medium, nor do I have the time to dedicate to it. So after much thought, I’ve decided to delete my channel and give myself one less thing to worry about. Whilst it was a difficult choice, I actually feel really happy about it.

A Potential Kink

Sometimes you have to experience something first hand to know the effect it will have on you. Vac play is definitely not something I would have guessed would press my kink buttons. However, I soon realised it’s a lot like latex, except even damn hotter. Although I was only a spectator, there was an intense level of fear that had my heart racing in an uncomfortable but sexy way. I’m definitely eager to explore vac play further.

A Heap of Knowledge

I set off for Eroticon 2018 in the hopes I would return with a head full of sexy knowledge. And I certainly did! I’ve come home with more tech knowledge, photography tips, self-editing know-how and an insight into the sex industry from the perspective of a business. I’m more than a little excited to put all of this wonderful wisdom to good use… I should probably start by backing up my blog though!

A Book With My Name In It!

I honestly thought the only book that would ever have my name in it was my diary! Being published in the Eroticon Anthology – Truth, still hasn’t quite sunk in. Seeing my words in print, on my very own bookcase, is a bit overwhelming. Especially to have it in there with such fantastic writers!

Holding the Eroticon 2018 Anthology - Truth

A Future Plan

After having two spectacular years at Eroticon, I certainly won’t allow myself to miss out on next year’s! I already can’t wait to see everyone again and hope I’ll get to meet some of those that weren’t able to make it this year.

A Lot of Gratitude

Eroticon wouldn’t be the amazing event that it is without the hard work of Molly, Michael and GOTN. Thank you all so much for all you do for this community!

I would never have been able to find my extremely hidden confidence without the support of Candy Snatch and Sub Bee. You were both wonderful friends to me over the weekend and I am so grateful!

I’m very sad that the company who sponsored me to attend Eroticon are no longer around for me to thank. Without Love Yourself Online, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this unforgettable experience. They were a fantastic online sex toy retailer and I am extremely thankful to them for giving me this opportunity.

And my huge thanks go to the rest of the sponsors, who without, Eroticon would not be possible!

If you want to read about other people’s experiences of Eroticon 2018, check their posts out here!

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  1. Great round-up Aurora. We spoke on Friday and I didn’t get a chance to talk to you again over the weekend, but I wouldn’t have know you were a bag of nerves! You seemed to be doing fine but I am glad you found people to buddy up with – it makes it easier.

    1. Author

      Thank You! I’m so pleased my anxiety wasn’t as obvious as I had thought! Hopefully I can work on my confidence a bit before next year. It was really great to meet you, hopefully we can talk more if we are both there again next year!

      Aurora x

  2. It was wonderful to chat to you over the weekend, I knew how nervous you were and I could tell one friday you were feeling it. But by Sunday you were a different person.

    I can’t wait to catch up with you again next year…or hopefully before xx

  3. I am so glad you had a fabulous weekend. It is wonderful to read how you went from Friday night tears to Sunday confidence. You are a very good blogger Aurora, I always enjoy your work and I am delighted that Eroticon left you feeling confident and inspired


    Ps… Michael says back up your blog 😉

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