Sensory Play – How To Use An Erotic Touch

Sensory Play – How To Use An Erotic Touch

Erotic touch is the last topic of my sensory play series and a really fun one! If you’ve ever wondered just what to do with your partner once they’re all tied up and blindfolded then check out my other posts on taste, smell and sound as well! All the tips you need to give your partner a sensational sensory experience.

There are just so many things you can do involving erotic touch it would be impossible for me to list them all.

So here are 7 of my all-time favourite ways of using erotic touch.

Feathers – Most sex toy retailers sell a variety of Feather Ticklers. Their soft, light touch is the perfect way to tickle and tease your partner. I love to watch my partner squirm as they don’t know which part of the body I’m going to stroke next.

Crop – A sweet sting of a Riding Crop is an amazing contrast to the feather tickler. Mixing the two will really have your partner filled with anticipation. Administer surprise slaps or gently stroke the tip across their body, finishing with a quick spank. Mix up the strength of your swings so your partner doesn’t know what is coming next.

Massage – Who isn’t going to love a relaxing massage? Basically, just grab some Massage oil and start rubbing your partner into ultimate relaxation. I like to gradually work my way to their more erotic areas like the breasts or bum. For added sensory stimulation use a warm Massage candle and drip the wax onto their body before massaging it into their skin.

Textiles – You can buy lingerie in a wonderful array of materials, all with their own unique erotic touch on the skin. In particular, satin, which is my personal favourite for sensory play. Speaking of satin, satin sheets are perfect too!

Cold – Rub ice cubes across your partner’s body. I love doing this just as much as receiving. There’s something especially arousing about watching their bodies melt the ice and the water dripping off them. You can also use glass toys that have been in the fridge. A cold Glass Dildo really is sensational.

Wartenberg Pinwheel – These are just amazing for sensory play! The Pinwheels look slightly terrifying but their way of prickling and tingling the skin is nothing but pleasurable. In addition, your partner will be left with increased sensitivity to other stimulation as well. Mix up the pressure to add some anticipation and even more excitement.

Mouth – Your own mouth is a fantastic tool for sensory play. For example, bite at their nipples, nibble their earlobes, lick their lips or trail kisses down their torso and up their inner thigh.

What are your favourite ways of using erotic touch for sensory play? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to have some new things to try!

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