What is Ecosexuality?

What is Ecosexuality?

In light of the current ecosexual bathhouse at the Sydney LiveWorks Festival of experimental art, I decided to do a blog post about ecosexuality.

Ecosexuality is a romantic and sexual love of nature and the earth. It is a form of environmental eroticism. An ecosexual may buy organic produce, use environmentally friendly sex toys or make love to the earth. Basically, there is a broad spectrum of ecosexuals. As with all sexualities, they have slightly differing fantasies with ultimately the same desire. Ecosexuality can be a person’s main sexual identity or it can also be combined with other sexualities.

They feel a deep connection to our planet and so are environmentalists due to their empathy towards the earth. They treat it with respect and also appreciate the relationship they have with it. Some ecosexuals see it as a movement where the aim is to protect the earth and preserve nature.

An ecosexual does not view sex in the same way others might. Instead, they view it as a romantic, intimate form of connecting and communicating. This is because they are sensual beings amongst a beautiful, sexual earth.

Some people who do not refer to themselves as ecosexual may still have similar sexual behaviours. For example using wooden dildos, skinny dipping or having sex outside. Ecosexuality is, put simply, combining ecology and sexuality. Although these behaviours don’t necessarily make someone an ecosexual, I think we can all see some form of ecosexuality within our own sex lives.

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