December Favourites – Sex Mishaps, Bagels & Massage

December Favourites – Sex Mishaps, Bagels & Massage

December has been a delightfully festive month for me. My sex drive has seemed to improve despite my medication, which has been great for myself and my partner! I discovered the wonderfulness that is Instagram ( find me here for my photographic finest.) I’ve continued to love writing blog posts and even wrote my first ever guest post which was a lot of fun. I finished the month and year with an amazing night out with my girlfriends! So yeah, it’s definitely been a good one 😉

Here is a list of all the sexual things I’ve been loving most this December

1. Sex Toy – I’ve been a bore this month and gone back to my all-time favourite, the We Vibe Tango. It’s been over two years having the top spot in my sex toy collection, I wonder if 2017 will be the year for a new favourite? It’s exceptionally powerful, the stimulation is precise and it’s the ideal shape and size to use during sex. The Tango really has no faults!

december favourites we vibe tango

2. Sex Blog – I’ve been loving the GirlontheNet blog this month. And with 16k Twitter followers, it seems I’m not the only one! Her blog covers such a variety of posts and is updated regularly. Her writing is always incredibly entertaining as are her choice of topics. Basically, she’s a very talented blogger and if you haven’t read her blog, you’re missing out! Make time for it though, every time I go on there I get glued to the screen. 

3. Lingerie – In keeping with the festive season I pulled out an old favourite recently. This red cupless teddy makes me feel so confident! Not an easy feat for an insecure girl like me. It’s flattering, feminine and sexy. And now I want it in black.

december favourites flaunt me teddy

4. Sexy Quote – So it’s not the sexiest quote in the world. But, I really love it! It’s so cute and makes me feel all gooey inside <3

december favourites love quote

5. Sexy Something – In all honesty, this has probably been one of my least kinky months ever. My partner and I have been experimenting with tantric sex and enjoying intimate things like candlelit baths and massages. It’s actually been really enjoyable to experiment with more vanilla sex. I’m sure we’ll be back to the whips and chains soon though! My favourite sexy something for this month would be this cherry massage oil. It smells and feels amazing and at such a bargain price it doesn’t matter that I accidentally spilt it all over my carpet… Oops!

6. Blog Post – I had a lot of fun taking a trip down memory lane in this post about 5 of my biggest sexual mistakes. It’s also nice to think of the experiences I have learnt from and remind myself of the mistakes I would never make again! I’m definitely going to be doing a part two to this post so if you want to hear about more of my sexual faux pas then keep an eye out.

And my totally unsexy December favourites are…


I watched the movie Into The Wild and can’t recommend it enough! It’s based on a true story about a man who left his life behind to travel to the Alaskan wilderness. It’s amazing in its own right, but it definitely doesn’t do any harm that the main character is played by the extremely sexy Emile Hirsch.

december favourites into the wild

Do you know what the absolute best bagel filling is? Well, I will tell you. It is brie, bacon and cranberry sauce. Damn it tastes so good! And only takes like 500 hours on the treadmill to burn off so…

So what things have you been loving over the month of December? Let me know in the comments below!

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december favourites aurora glory logo

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