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Which Colour Stockings To Wear With Your Lingerie

Which Colour Stockings To Wear With Your Lingerie

Sometimes finding the right colour stockings for the right piece of lingerie can be hard. Especially once you’re delving into lingerie that’s not a standard colour. Since we buy lingerie to look and feel our most confident, finding the right stockings can be crucial.
This is why I have decided to do a guide on colour matching your stockings with your lingerie. To ensure when you dress up for your partner you look and feel your best! There are only three shades you need to invest in. These are black, white and nude. But there are ways of wearing more colourful stockings if you wish!

So here’s the lingerie colours and what colour stockings work well with them.


I wear red lingerie quite a lot. I love the daring colour and it compliments my blonde hair well. The stockings I prefer to combine with red are nude. I have these ones. You could also combine it with black stockings if it is a darker shade of red. I would opt for some less opaque black stockings. I might combine red lingerie with red stockings. Though usually only over Christmas or valentines day, as it’s quite full on.


Purple is my favourite colour so I do have a few pieces of purple lingerie. Black stockings (I wear these ones) work well with purple. My personal favourite colour to wear is nude though. It gives a softer, more feminine appearance which I love. Depending on the shade of purple, grey stockings can look great too.


This is dependant on the shade of pink. It also would depend on whether there is an accent colour on the lingerie. For instance, if it was a pink basque with a black lace trim, I would choose black stockings. But, if it is a solid pink I would choose depending on the shade. Sheer white stockings compliment a lighter pink well. A bright pink lingerie looks great with a pair of nude stockings.


Like pink but with an orange tint. This lingerie looks best with nude stockings. However, if there is black or white detailing I would go for the matching colour.


The only blue lingerie I have has accents of black, so I always wear black stockings with it. But, if your blue lingerie is a solid colour it’s dependent again upon the shade. The majority of blues look best with black stockings. The only exception being an icy blue, which would be better complimented by nude stockings. If you want a head to toe blue, I would go for a full body stocking. Unless the stockings were an exact match to the lingerie, it wouldn’t look good.


For a dark green or a green with black detailing, you want to go for black stockings. If the green is lighter I would pair it with nude. If you want to combine your green lingerie with a coloured stocking then I would choose brown.


In writing this it has occurred to me that I have absolutely no brown lingerie. Which is crazy because it’s beautiful! With brown lingerie, I would stick with brown stockings. Though I would go for the opposite shade to the lingerie. So for a deep brown teddy, I would wear a nude stocking. For a lighter brown teddy, I would wear richer brown stockings, either a dark brown or a chocolate brown.


If your orange lingerie has a coloured detailing on it I would match your stockings to that. If it doesn’t then a pair of black stockings would look perfect. A paler orange would also look great with nude stockings. I love orange lingerie!


Grey lingerie looks best with grey or black stockings. But, if you have some coloured stockings you want to try with it then give it a go. Depending on the shade of grey and silver it can look great with purple, pink or nude stockings too!


If you want to dazzle in gold but don’t know what colour stockings to go for, I would opt for black or nude.


Yellow is a lingerie colour I’ve never tried. It just wouldn’t go with my colouring at all. But if you can rock yellow then I would combine it with grey stockings for a light yellow. Or black stockings for a more vibrant shade.


Yay! This is where the fun can happen! Whether your stockings are pink, blue, green or whatever they are going to look good with black lingerie. The only colour stockings I wouldn’t combine with black is white. Unless there is white detailing on the lingerie.


White lingerie looks best with white or nude stockings. You can get away with black if you really want to. If you’re dying to add some colour I would opt for some white stockings with detailing, like these.

Stocking recommendations

You may have noticed me talking about nude and black stockings an awful lot within this post. Another option is to wear stockings that combine nude and black together. Here are some examples of stunning stockings with a nude/black combination.

Gabriella Vera Lace Top Floral Stockings                                                                                   Roza Ballerina Genezis Baroque-Style Stockings



After all that has been said, the true decider is how you feel! If you feel amazing, wear whatever colour stockings you like. Confidence is the main thing that makes lingerie sexy and if you feel good, you’re going to look good!
If there are any colours I have forgotten then comment below and I will include them!


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