A lot of the time the only senses that get remembered in the bedroom are sight and touch. However taste, smell and sound can all also be used to arouse and stimulate. Choosing the right sexy foods is important to ensure you have a good time. No one wants chilliesRead More →


I am a curvaceous lady and unfortunately, I do find it has its impact on my bedroom antics. There are certain positions I just can’t bend into anymore and some which are just plain painful. But that doesn’t mean us plus size ladies have to miss out on any of the fun, we justRead More →


Your first anal experience may be quite daunting and being prepared with some useful tips and tricks will really help ensure you enjoy it. I have also written a list of tips for beginners to anal here. Here are a few anal positions to experiment with to find the one thatRead More →


Anal sex is huge right now. What was once a seedy secret is now going on in many a bedroom. And it’s not just for men, us women may not have p spots but we enjoy it too! For a beginner, the simple idea of it may leave you shakingRead More →


I recently had a short relationship with an inexperienced younger man. One of the things that really stood out to me was his inattention to my breasts. I personally feel nipple stimulation is an unskippable part of good foreplay. This got me wondering just how many people are missing out onRead More →