A friend recently asked me for some advice regarding how quickly her partner was finishing in the bedroom. Since they are a new couple she doesn’t feel comfortable commenting on his lack of stamina. So she wanted to know if there was anything SHE could do to improve the situation. I personallyRead More →


Most people have heard of the g-spot, especially since the rise of ‘squirting’ porn. But what exactly is it? Where is it? And how on earth do you use it to get her off? Here’s a mini guide on g-spot stimulation, covering all the must-know info on the orgasm-inducing spot.Read More →


You’ve got your partner tied up and blindfolded, but what do you do now?! You follow my sensory series on erotic sound, taste, touch and smell of course! There is nothing more exciting and erotic to me than having these four of my senses stimulated. Wearing the blindfold heightens yourRead More →