The We-Connect app, solely for the use with smart We-Vibe sex toys, is currently facing a lawsuit. Why? Customers believe the app is sending information about their use to the manufacturer. A Chicago woman that had purchased the We-Vibe Rave and downloaded the app, filed a lawsuit against them forRead More →


Almost everyone has heard of a ‘sex on the beach’ cocktail and the delicious drink always makes me smile when I order it. This got me wondering what other naughty named cocktails I could order. I’d also love to know who came up with these cheeky names. I like their style!Read More →


I may have only been single a few months, but there isn’t one day that I haven’t loved! Okay maybe the first day or two whilst I sobbed out the heartache but ya no, we won’t count that. Now though, I can honestly say not even Russell Howard (Yep, he’s myRead More →


Love taking a trip down memory lane? Or are you just interested in seeing some things from the world of sex before your time? From 20th-century porn stars to sex toys to page 3 models. How many do you recognize from the 20th century? 1. Jenna Jameson – Dubbed the ‘QueenRead More →

condom flavours

Inspired by the recent Durex hoax involving eggplant flavoured condoms, I decided to hunt for the strangest condom flavours actually on the market. When it comes to flavoured condoms most of us have tried the standard, strawberry, bubblegum, orange, chocolate etc. But, have any of you tried these crazy condomRead More →


I love a random fact and as you know, the world is a crazy place. So I’ve been on the prowl for the weirdest sex facts I can find. Here are fifteen of my favourite weird and wonderful sex facts. Enjoy! 1. Female pandas only get aroused for a fewRead More →