Calorie Burning Sex Positions – Screw To A New You

Calorie Burning Sex Positions – Screw To A New You

Days are short so why exercise and have sex separately when you can kill two birds with one stone? I’m the queen of multitasking and if it means I’ve got more time to catch up on my latest tv show, I’m all for it. Besides, can you imagine the feel-good endorphins that will be cruising through your body? Released through sex and through exercise you’re going to be getting yourself a double helping! So which are the most effective calorie burning sex positions? And just how many calories can you burn in the bedroom?

80 Minutes of lovemaking burns an average of 300 calories. Well, I’m yet to meet a man that lasts for 80 minutes, so I need to burn as much as I can in the minutes I’ve got.

So here’s the top calorie burning sex positions.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl

Get on top of your man in the cowgirl position. Give those thighs, bum and abs a workout whilst giving your man an amazing view. To burn extra calories, sit upright without supporting your weight on anything. You can also give your core a good workout by squeezing your thighs against your partner.

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Advanced Cowgirl.

Get in the squat position and bounce, bounce, bounce. This is the ultimate exercise for your thighs and glutes. And a lot more pleasurable than the sort of squats you’d be doing at the gym.

The Grip

Get to ‘grips’ with calorie burning sex positions and try your hand at the grip. This position combines the missionary position with the g-force position and works out your thighs, abs and bum. Lay back with your partner on his knees between your open legs. Raise your body up to meet his from your waist down. Your partner may hold onto your waist to give you some support. Once you’ve raised enough to meet his pelvic region, wrap your legs around him and he can enter from there. Not only is this a great position for toning but the angle means your partner can penetrate deeper and is more likely to hit your g-spot. Score.

The Plough

We’re really going for it with this one. It’s a sex position of athletic proportions. But your upper body is going to get a fantastic workout, whilst your lower body gets orgasmic bliss. Start by laying on your bed with your hips at the edge and your elbows and forearms supporting you. Have your partner raise your lower body and position himself between your thighs, with your legs straight. If you ever played wheelbarrow races as a kid, it’s quite reminiscent of that. This is a fantastic position for working his upper body as well as yours, all whilst he grinds against your g-spot.


The Bridge

Which of these calorie-burning sex positions works the most muscle groups? That would be the bridge. The unsexy way of explaining this is that you position yourself like a table. The front of your body is facing upwards and your arms are straight, supporting you from below. Your knees are bent and your feet are shoulder width apart. Every part of your body, apart from your hands and feet, is lifted off the floor. Your partner then kneels between your thighs and enters. The strength it takes to stabilise your body will work on your bum, legs, arms and abs.


The Lunge

If you hate lunges as much as me you may be wincing at the sound of this one. But the exhausting leg workout comes with orgasms this time, so I think it’s at least worth a try. Your partner will lay on the bed with his knees bent or straight. You need your front foot planted by his chest and your other leg straight out between his legs. Your lower body really will get the ultimate work out as you bounce up and down in this position.



So which of these ‘sexercise’ positions are you excited to try? Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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