5 Body Types & The Sexiest Valentine's Lingerie

5 Body Types & The Sexiest Valentine’s Lingerie For Them

5 Body Types & The Sexiest Valentine’s Lingerie For Them

Valentine’s Lingerie For Your Body Type

For years this was me – I’d see gorgeous Valentine’s lingerie modelled online, happily throw my money at the retailer, only to then try it on and feel like a well-dressed potato. Not the look I was going for. I would tear it off, get in a sulk and declare I hated my body.

Lingerie is supposed to be about feeling sexy and confident, right? No one wants to invest in something that will make them feel like a potato. Fortunately, years with a passion for fashion and lingerie, in particular, has taught me what works for my body type and what will make me feel like a shapeless spud.

If you’re plus size, like me, you may be tempted to choose the baggiest, least revealing item on the lingerie menu. I’ve been there. But, body types work no matter your size. Big or small, you do have a shape. Dress for it and you will feel like the beautiful person you really are. Sexy and confident. Just what lingerie is made for.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it couldn’t be a better time to invest in something that will flatter our bodies and have us feeling our best. And of course, drooling lovers are always fun too.

So, find your body shape and be the sexiest version of you this Valentine’s Day!

Body Shapes Lingerie


Have you got a wide bust, curvy hips and a narrow waist? Then you’re an hourglass and your main goal is to flatter that gorgeous waist of yours. With the classic pin-up girl shape, you will look amazing in two-piece sets. Go for a suspender skirt or a suspender belt to add extra oomph to your outfit.

Hate bra sets? Then you could try a classic underbust corset. These are styled to comfortably fit and flatter your natural curves.

Styles to avoid:

  • Babydolls
  • High necklines
  • Unsupported Bras
Hourglass Valentine's Lingerie
Hourglass Valentine’s Lingerie


Apple shapes carry most weight around their middles, so have a larger bust with an undefined waist. You want to bring all the attention in on that beautiful bust. The perfect lingerie choice for an apple shape is a babydoll. It’s important to find one that will offer bust support and will flirtily flare out over your middle.

If babydolls aren’t for you then you could try going au natural with an unbelted lacy robe, to give a sneak peek at that sexiness underneath. Or show off your beautiful body whilst also adding curves with an underbust corset.

Styles to avoid:

  • Any lingerie with belts
  • High waisted knickers
  • Details or frills around the middle
Apple Valentine's Lingerie
Apple Valentine’s Lingerie


If you’ve got a bigger booty and thighs with a smaller chest and shoulders then you are a pear. The best lingerie for you will balance out your shape. Adding volume to your upper body and hugging your sexy lower curves. Bra sets can look great on you. Choose ones with low rise bottoms and a detailed bra

If you aren’t a fan of bra sets then try a body with a plunging neckline and high cut legs. This will draw the eye from top to bottom, whilst also elongating your legs.

Styles to avoid:

  • Empire waistlines
  • Lingerie with belts around the hips
  • Heavy details around your hips and thighs
Pear Valentine's Lingerie
Pear Valentine’s Lingerie


This is my body shape, so I know it well. We have a very straight frame, with our shoulders, waist and hips being the same width. We need lingerie that is going to give our perfectly proportioned bodies some curves! Draw attention away from the waist by trying a flared babydoll. Or if you want something a little more revealing then a cut-out body is perfect for creating the illusion of curves.

Styles to avoid:

  • Waist details
  • Straight lines
Rectangle Valentine's Lingerie
Rectangle Valentine’s Lingerie

Inverted Triangle

If you are an inverted triangle then you have broad shoulders and narrow hips. The best lingerie for you will add volume to your hips so they match up with your wide and wonderful upper body. Look out for plunging v-shaped necklines to bring attention away from the shoulders. Basques with ruffles around your hips are also great for balancing out your shape.

If you want to add some definition to your middle you could also try a style with a cinched in waist.

Styles to avoid:

  • Halternecks
  • Details on the shoulders
Inverted Triangle Valentine's Lingerie
Inverted Triangle Valentine’s Lingerie

Whatever you choose to wear this Valentine’s Day, I hope you feel as amazing as I know you are! If you plan to pair your new lingerie with some sexy stockings then check out which stockings look good with each lingerie colour. 


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  1. This is a good guide – I’m an apple and I’d hope I can wear a few more styles than a babydoll, but I take on board the need to emphasize my booooobs! Thanks x

    1. Author

      Yes! I am half banana/half apple and I definitely wear other styles and feel fabulous in them. Thank you so much for your comment, I will add some more suggestions to each one so they are not so limiting!
      Aurora x

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