August Favourites

August Favourites – Fun Wands, Photography & Fetish Wear

August Favourites – Fun Wands, Photography & Fetish Wear

As much as I love the summer holidays with the kids, there is no denying it’s had its impact on my blogging routine. YouTube videos had to be put on hold and instead of writing on my laptop in peace, I’ve been doing posts in pieces on my phone’s notepad. Transferring them to my blog in a zombie-like state come evening. But the end of August sees the approach of the end of the holidays. And my lovely routine is back in sight. I’m sure going to miss the beach though.

Sexually August has been a pretty great month for me. I’ve really seen a decrease in my sexual anxiety and it’s given me hope that a time may come when it’s no longer an issue. I’ve also had the opportunity to review some really exciting toys thanks to some wonderful companies. My biggest goal for September is to be able to arrange for one of those toys to get to a reader through a giveaway. October is getting closer and that’s when I get to celebrate my first ever blogiversary! Exciting!

So, wanna know the sexy things I’ve been loving most in August? 

Sex Toy

The review isn’t live yet but keep an eye out because I’ve been very thoroughly testing the Njoy Fun Wand. My first ever metal dildo and what certainly won’t be my last. It’s weight and shape stimulates my g spot with an intensity I’ve never known.

Njoy Fun Wand

Sex Writer/Educator

I really try to take the time to read other sex blogs. There is so much variety, all with different perspectives and experiences. But some things manage to escape me for longer than they should. Like the amazing talent of Scandarella and her erotic stories. You might read one and think you just got lucky. But every single story is equally bloody brilliant. She is able to take the unconventional and make it extraordinarily arousing.


I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the Bijoux Indiscrets Maze H Harness. It’s strappy and sexy and all those things I love. But it’s one size fits all only goes up to a UK size 12 which is smaller than the average UK woman and so, in my opinion, absolute crap. I am a size 16 and after butchering the back strap with a screwdriver I managed to get it to fit. And it’s hot as hell! But seriously Bijoux Indiscrets, sort out your sizing.

bijoux Indiscretes Maze H Harness

Instagram Photo

Instagram is one of the things I had to do less of to survive the summer holidays. And as such, I only have Instagram photos which I also used for my blog. So whilst this photo was a Sinful Sunday entry, it was also my favourite Instagram pic for the month of August. And it was picked in the Sinful Sunday roundup which was totally amazing!

Sinful Sunday - Stairs With a View

Kinky Something

Writing this has made me realise I haven’t had any amazing kink moments this month. I’ll have to fix that for next months favourites! Any excuse…

Blog Post

There are a few sex podcasts I absolutely adore. I listen to almost all of their episodes and soak up the education and entertainment almost daily. It was about time I put together this blog post so more people could discover just how awesome they all are!

Sex Podcasts 2017

And The Not So Sexy Things I’ve Been Loving In August?

American Horror Story

I watch three genres of tv shows/movies. Horrors, thrillers and disaster movies. So it’s rare for something to come along that actually has any effect on me, let alone scare me. I have been glued to Netflix this month because of American Horror Story. Each series is a totally different story, and all as good as the last. It’s perfectly creepy and is only made better by the addition of Evan Peters.



Having a blog has come with a need to master photography. Fortunately, it’s turned into a hobby all of its own. I appreciate photography in a way I never did before. Spending hours admiring others work and getting inspired with my own ideas. I have so many images I can’t wait to create, most of them fantastically erotic!

What have you been loving throughout August? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

aurora glory logo

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