August Favourites - Books, Boats & Bullets

August Favorites – Books, Boats & Bullets

August Favorites – Books, Boats & Bullets

August Favourites – Books, Boats & Bullets

Somehow, I have survived the summer holidays with an active blog still intact. Now the summer is over, the kids are back at school and I can finally wank in the day again.

I made the decision that I wouldn’t let August come and go without saying what I needed to about my relationship. The truth. For months it has been stressing me out – Should I say it? How to say it? When? I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted knowing it is now done. Not only that, but the massive amount of support I received has really empowered me to work harder on my healing. I won’t go into it any further here as it’s not the point of the post, but I am so very grateful to everyone who took the time to say such kind and encouraging words. Really, so grateful!

With September now here, I am thinking a lot about my 2 year Blogging anniversary next month. I hope I can spend this month reflecting on things, like my goals for the following year. I also hope I can arrange an extra special something for my wonderful readers!

So, with that said, what have I been loving most this August?

Sex Toy

My first impression of Blush Novelties wasn’t exactly positive. But over the last year, they have been continually wowing me. Their vibrators are, jaw-droppingly, knicker-droppingly, good. My latest favourite is the Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet. I’m sorry to the We Vibe fanatics out there, but this little vibe puts the Tango to shame. It’s one I am looking forward to reviewing and have over-thoroughly tested.

Image of the Blush Novelties Exposed Nocturnal Lipstick Bullet next to a normal pink lipstick.

Sex Writer/Educator

I actually don’t know this blogger very well at all, but that doesn’t change the fact that every time they pop up on my Twitter timeline I’m in awe of them. I suck at Twitter and they very much do not. Coffee and Kink is a blogger I admire a lot and there is no doubt in my mind they will succeed at this sex writing thing a lot of us dream of. Her blog is as fantastic as her Twitter timeline and I am certain you wouldn’t regret checking it out!


I absolutely adore macro photography. When I saw it as the latest Sinful Sunday prompt I was ready to dive right into creativity mode. Then I remembered it was the summer holidays and my natural light hours were destined to be spent doing very unsexy things. I do like the photo I captured, but it took a lot of editing to get it to that point and I feel that is quite apparent. However, I got to play with wax, so no complaints!

Close up black and white image of breast with purple wax dripped over nipple.

Kinky Something

I’ve no doubt this is a kinky something I’ve included before, but it bears repeating. Rope, rope and more rope! I always knew I liked rope because I like anything that combines naked bodies and creativity. But, I never knew it had that ‘I left a puddle in my seat’ kind of effect on me. Then I got to speak with someone who works with boats… He was genuinely just describing tying knots on a pole and I had to contain the urge to hump his leg. If anyone knows of any good rope-related erotica, I would be very interested to hear about it! As I’m quite sure attempting to hump sailor’s legs is regarded as socially unacceptable.

Sinful Sunday - Rope Bunny

Blog Post

Once again my month comprised of almost solely sex toy reviews. I know, I have a problem. With my recent opening-up about my relationship though, I hope I will be able to write other things. Who knows, I might even be able to have sex again one day. That would be nice…

I did get the opportunity to write about squirting for Divainner though. It’s a topic I haven’t yet covered on my blog, so I had a lot of fun writing about something new. The art of squirting is something I’ve spent many years researching, for my own personal fluid-related fantasies.

And The Unsexy Things I’ve Been Loving In August? 


I don’t believe in any higher power, star alignments, karma or similar. However, every now and again I have a day in which I think, ‘Seriously, who is fucking with me?!’ How are so many things able to go wrong one after the bloody other? I have BPD. I don’t have the strength to cope with that crap. So, when it happened recently and I reached a point of desperation, I tried guided meditation. Things were still very much crappy, but I felt a bit calmer about that fact. It is something I’ll definitely be returning to next time I feel like my head might explode.


I am obsessed with this app. I possibly spend more time on it searching for books to read, than I do actually reading. But, I am quite picky about the books I read because…

1. Once I start a book I absolutely have to finish it no matter what. I have suffered hours of bad books for this reason.

2. I’ve done the maths and I can only fit a few hundred books into my lifetime. There are a lot of books I don’t have the time to read, so I want every book to be worth not reading a thousand others for.

If you’re on Goodreads too, come find me! I’m Aurora Glory on there too.


So, that’s my August favourites. I’d love to hear what things you’ve been loving throughout August too! 

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