Feature photo for An Arachnophobia Nightmare. Silhouette of a large hairy spider.

An Arachnophobia Nightmare

An Arachnophobia Nightmare

An Arachnophobia Nightmare

A short story inspired by this incredible image by Sub Bee. 


With a gasp of breath so deep it made my head rush, I shot up from my unsettling slumber. I gripped the quilt, panting in short bursts, squeezing my thighs together. That was a special kind of nightmare.

My clasped thighs slipped, bringing my attention to the dampness between them. I let one hand release its tension on the covers and curiously slide under the heavy down. My index finger pushed its way in and explored my inner thighs. Yep, soaked. Surely, that couldn’t really have turned me on… Could it?

“Do you trust me?”

I had no idea where I was, only that it smelled of maple wood and dirt. I strained my eyes, but I couldn’t see.

“Just relax”

The voice was hypnotic, reminding me of the ‘quit smoking’ tapes I had unsuccessfully attempted.  Only this time, it was more effective. It was like my muscles no longer existed. I was tranquil and motionless. Even as I felt the prickle of spider legs creep over my ankle, I lay satisfyingly frozen. A tickling sensation crept up my leg, soft spikes so gently sinking into the surface of my flesh. Rising higher as I melted peacefully into my velvet-cushioned surroundings.

My legs widened, just an inch, and I felt the spider drop between my knees. I focused my ears on the empty silence, trying to catch a sense of its movement. There was nothing. Every inch of my skin pricked, goosebumps covering my body as I waited for it to scamper over me again.

My toes curled as I heard it scatter past my ear, one leg reaching up and sharply prodding into my neck. A scurry of prickles weren’t far behind as it escalated, creeping onto my lips. I clamped them shut, taking shallow breaths through my nose so as not to frighten it away. The tingling sensation was so different. I liked it. I liked it as it travelled back down my neck, as it crossed my chest, as it tickled and awoken my nipples.

“Are you relaxed?”

It was like both my ears were being whispered into, but I could only hear one voice. As it broke, the spider disappeared. One minute its legs were softly scratching my breasts, the next, they were gone. Forgetting about the question, I let my fingers stroke the velvet beneath them in search of the spider. I brought them up to my sides, stroking from the top of my thighs to my underarms. No spider. I brought them up to my breasts, perhaps the spider had simply stopped moving? There was nothing. But, I let my nails scratch a path over my nipples and down my midriff. Past my navel and lower. I knew the spider wasn’t there, but I let my fingers sink between my labia anyway. Descending towards the opening of my cunt as they gathered a dose of the built up liquid. I let them explore with their muscle-memory as I focused on my heavy breaths.

“How’s the oxygen, little one?”

As I heard the gentle words my jostling elbow knocked against a velvet-padded wall. My other hand explored my black surroundings. There was another to my left. Even more velvet inches from my nose. But still, I felt relaxed. My head began to drift, but my fingers continued to work at my clitoris. Rolling motions. Quick taps. Occasional slaps. My breaths were becoming shorter, sharper. I felt as though I was floating, a black fog creeping in front of my eyes, making my surroundings even darker. It was getting harder to breathe, but I was so close to the edge. I slipped my other hand between my legs, dancing my fingers over the opening of my cunt, trying to mimic the spider’s movements. I ploughed two into my wet cave, my head bumping into the cushioned ceiling as I reached to delve deeper. I was getting weaker as the air thinned even further, dark spots flashing in front of my eyes like hundreds of baby spiders scattering in fear. My muscles were growing weary, my two fingers slowing into a stroking tap against my engorged g spot as the others involuntarily jiggled against the crevice of my ass. My lungs were fighting for air as my mind fought to fall over the pleasure edge before the darkness consumed me.

And I fell.

The orgasm shot through me like lightning. It was more intense than I’d ever known, I could feel it in every pound of my heart, every vein, every cell, every struggling breath.

In that last struggling breath…

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The gorgeous Masturbation Monday prompt seemed like the perfect opportunity to write something in celebration of the upcoming Halloween. I am extra excited as this is my first time getting involved with this meme, and I hope not my last!


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  1. I was a little trepidatious about clicking this link; spiders are… Um… Let’s just say I’ve been known to shriek and yell for my husband to “Kill it! KILL IT RIGHT NOW!”


    And here I find quite a different take on spider killing. Complete with a ‘little death’. 😉

    Very creative.

  2. I liked this Aurora – despite having a big dislike of spiders. I liked her gentle self-exploration and that she was oblivious to the fact she was sealed in a coffin, intent on chasing her climax. Great tale.

  3. What an orgasm Aurora. Brilliantly described and so real. I felt a little short of breath myself after reading this. I loved the spider wandering over your body. A sort of eight legged version of foreplay. Very sexy!

  4. intense sexy write. very intriguing and exciting, thank you for sharing this brilliant tale

  5. I wondered why I was starting to feel a bit claustrophobic as I read this, and once I reached the end I knew. Very well spun, lovely <3

  6. That induced a shudder. Something about things closing in on me makes me anxious. I hope you continue to participate!

  7. This was brilliant. I hate spiders and so it really challenged me to think of the pleasure that came from it. The use of her surroundings and the shortage of air also added a very scary feeling to the sexiness so it was a real combination.

  8. Holy Smokes! My chest was tight by the time I got to the end of this tale! Very well written and a great, if not mildly terrifying read (it was the confined space that got me, not the spider, lol) x

  9. I say it’s a mark of absolute smutty skills when you can take something like spiders and still make it hot as fuck. Welcome to Masturbation Monday — you’re off to an AMAZING start, and I really hope you join in again soon (and often)!


  10. This was disturbingly sexy. Like so many others, I loathe spiders, but you found a way to make them hot. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  11. Ohh that ending…. is it her last breath of climax or her last breath EVER. Love the contrast between the soft descriptions and the sinister voice of the spider


  12. Very intense, dark read – great job making a spider tale sexy too – well done x

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