Agalmatophilia – Doll, Mannequin Or Statue Fetish

Agalmatophilia – Doll, Mannequin Or Statue Fetish

Some fetishes seem beyond belief. Even for those with one fetish, understanding another can be a challenge. ‘Sure I like blood, but urine? No way.’ I have always found though, that the more I listen to people discuss their fetish, the more I understand it. I always find myself thinking, well yeah, that is kinda hot! When I took a photo recently inspired by a marionette doll, it got me thinking about doll fetishes. Or what is more professionally termed Agalmatophilia. What is sexy about dolls? And how do people enjoy their doll fetish?

Whilst it was a marionette doll that led to my curiosity, Agalmatophilia is actually a lot broader than that. It can include such things as mannequins, statues and similar. Agalmatophilia is so named as ‘Agalma’ means statue and ‘philia’ of course, means love.

“Nothing gives so much, for so little”

With Agalmatophilia, love is an accurate term. Whilst this most certainly can solely be a sexual fetish, it is not limited to such. As with plushophilia, a person can build an intimate and loving relationship with the object of their affection. Be it mannequin, statue or doll. A relationship involving many of the same activities a regular couple would enjoy, like an evening of Netflix and chill. Whilst the person is aware their relationship is with an inanimate object, for them the object comes alive in a unique way. Almost like a role play and similar to how a doll might come to life in the mind of a child.

“It’s the difference between being alone and being lonely”

What about sex?

Of course, agalmatophilia is a paraphilia and as such is a whole lot about sexual desires. But how these desires manifest is unique to each individual person. Whilst some enjoy sexual intercourse with the object of their desire, others may find ample enjoyment from the fantasy alone. There is also some who are sexually aroused by the thought of dolls having intercourse with each other; Themselves not being included in the fantasy. This reminds me of how I simulated sex with my Barbies at a younger age, something that I’m sure was a common means of sexual discovery for a lot of people. And lastly, it is a possibility that a person may find sexual pleasure through turning themselves into a doll, statue or mannequin. Of course, this does not mean that all ‘living dolls’ are motivated by sexual feelings. For some, it is a hobby or a means of expressing themselves in a non-sexual way.

“I’m sexually aroused by the sensations of helplessness and total loss of control”

Agalmatophilia Subtypes

I obviously am unable to tell you how every individual person enjoys agalmatophilia, everyone is, after all, different. But, we can certainly cover a few of the most common ways it is enjoyed.

Female Masking

This is a type of doll fetish that appeals to thousands around the world. A person can wear doll masks and even silicone suits to become their new doll identity. It is not always enjoyed in a sexual manner, though when it is the doll will likely take on a submissive role. Some people simply enjoy it as a way of temporarily becoming another person. A doll who is both beautiful and feminine. Others get sexual pleasure by roleplaying the motionlessness of a doll.

Sex Dolls

Real Dolls

This is likely what first comes to mind when a person thinks of a doll fetish. Real dolls, though, are usually about so much more than just sex. Whilst, of course, it is still a huge part of it. People often have a relationship with their dolls, providing them with companionship as well as intimacy. They may join a community of like-minded folk who call themselves idollators. Of course, for others, it is purely luxury masturbation and they are not able to get the emotional intimacy they need through a real doll. Either way, real dolls supply thousands of people with what they need and what is lacking in their lives. They are beautiful, intricate creations that can be adjusted to suit any person’s taste.

If this is a fetish that is of interest to you and you would like to explore it further, I recommend checking out the DollForum.

Teddy Babes

Real dolls are a high-end product and most definitely a financial investment, costing around the 4k to 6k mark. Expensive, but worth it. Teddy Babes are a cheaper and still popular option. Their teddy like design makes them the ideal cuddle companion as well as still being great for sexual enjoyment. Some people prefer a Teddy Babe due to it’s lighter weight and warmer skin.

Inflatable Dolls

Some people have a fetish for inflatables (called inflatophilia) that coincides with a fetish for dolls. For these, inflatable dolls make the perfect sexual companion. For others, they are simply a more affordable sex doll option. And even more popular as some dolls give a person the ability to simulate sex with their favourite porn star. This subtype of Agalmatophilia can be heard described in The Police song – Be My Girl Sally. Though unlike suggested in the song, inflatable dolls are usually less about a loving relationship and more about sexual pleasure. They are unlikely to be a replacement for a ‘normal’ sex life, but rather an addition.

If you are unsure of which doll is right for you, I highly recommend this guide to help you decide!

“I feel safe with my dolls. I know they will never betray me or make fun of me”


This goes hand in hand with a love of statues. Though Pygmalionism is about falling in love with an object of one’s own creation. The term was coined following the play Pygmalion, about a person who fell in love with his own sculpture, which was then brought to life by the goddess Aphrodite. Whilst this certainly includes a sexual response to the objects, it is defined by the love a person has for their creation. Almost all of us can appreciate the erotic beauty of a nude statue. Forever capturing that one movement, that one moment. Always still and calm, as the world around is so full of motion and life.

Sinful Sunday - Marionette Doll

Are you an Agalmatophile? How do you enjoy your fetish? I’d love to hear from anyone who can add to what I have already covered, as I am sure there is so much more to explore.

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