Wet For Her Finger Extender Review – Finger Banging Fun

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Wet For Her Finger Extender Review

I could easily save you all, and myself, a lot of time by suming this review up in one word. Wow! But, you probably want to know just a little bit more. I’ve been on the hunt for a sex toy that felt like my partner finger banging me since I first felt how damn good he is at it. In fact I think I mentioned it before in previous reviews. But never have I found a sex toy that really came close to the intensely pleasurable sensation of his fingers. Until now. The second I saw the design of the Wet For Her Finger Extender I was in awe of it’s genius. But would the design be so genius in practice? Would it really achieve the sex toy stimulation I’ve been waiting for?

Wet For Her Finger Extender Packaging
Wet For Her Finger Extender Packaging



Despite it’s simplicity the packaging is actually quite beautiful. The graphics adorning the white cardboard are both modern and attractive.

Wet For Her Finger Extender Back Of Packaging
Wet For Her Finger Extender Back Of Packaging



The Wet For Her Finger Extender is made of 100% silicone. The matte black highlights every smudge, though doesn’t seem to collect dust and lint like other silicones. It is soft and smooth with a visible seam which causes no irritation. The ‘Wet For Her’ logo is imprinted near to the base of the extender.

The design is based on two fingers pressed together, side by side. Though with both fingers being the same length and that length being unrealistically long; 5 insertable inches to be exact. It has a subtle curve, curving in the same way a finger would, at each joint. The silicone is quite thick, being approx 1-2mm. I don’t find this makes the sensations any less natural or affects the toys flexibility. It simply adds to my ability to control it once it’s in use. As for the girth, due to it’s shape it’s hard to be accurate. But it is about the same size as both my thumbs put together. Gradually increasing as you reach the base. I feel it would definitely be suitable for a beginner.

Wet For Her Finger Extender Subtle Curve
Wet For Her Finger Extender Subtle Curve


As any plus size person may be, I was slightly concerned the hole would be too slim for my fingers. However, they slot in perfectly. Seemingly a uk size 16 person has the ideal finger size. There is some stretch though, so I would definitely recommend trying this if your fingers are larger or smaller too. The stretch is more prominent at the hole entrance, so even if only the tips of your fingers fit in, you still have total control of the toy.

Wearing The Wet For Her Finger Extender
Wearing The Wet For Her Finger Extender


Play Time

For those who don’t know, I am one of the unlucky lot who can’t orgasm through internal stimulation alone. Despite this though, I can very much tell the difference between a clitoral orgasm and a g spot orgasm. So, with that being the case, I grabbed my Lelo Nea 2, my favorite water based lube and the Wet For Her Finger Extender.

I’d say it was about 5 seconds into play when my heart skipped and I realized this was as similar to my partners finger banging as I had ever experienced. Although much harder work on my part, since I was doing all the exertion. It simply felt just like fingering myself, except I could actually reach the areas I desperately craved. Like my g spot. To have the ability to internally control a sex toy opened a whole new world for me. Yes I can control rigid dildos, but not with the same precision as the Wet For Her Finger Extender. I’m shocked I hadn’t been more aware of this sex toy before as it is so phenomenal. In fact, truth be told, I had no idea it existed until I spotted it on the BettysToyBox website.

Wet For Her Finger Extender Hole
Wet For Her Finger Extender Hole


Okay so I should probably get a little more detailed than ‘it’s phenomenal’. The girth of the toy was comfortable to thrust, and whilst it didn’t fill me up, I was able to control it and reach where I desired. I was able to easily reach my g spot, but any deeper pleasure zones like the a spot were unfortunately out of reach. The lightweight design aids in comfort during thrusting, but as with any fingering, things do get tiring. After my second orgasm I was totally ready for yet another, but my hand said no more. Thank goodness I’ve got two hands! Hello orgasm number three! I had no trouble having full control regardless of which hand I was using, despite being far from ambidextrous.


Basically, the Wet For Her Finger Extender is going straight in my bedside drawer along with my other frequently used sex toys. I haven’t enjoyed fingering myself since I discovered internal sex toys, but this makes it amazing again. If you love g spot stimulation, you’ll love this. If you love being finger banged, you’ll love this. Honestly, I don’t know who would dislike it. Maybe someone who only enjoys large circumference toys? Or someone who doesn’t have the energy or flexibility for normal self fingering. Aside from that, I am excited to recommend this. And genuinely hope some of you try it. If you do, or already have, please let me know what you thought!

Wet For Her Finger Extender
Wet For Her Finger Extender


If you would like to purchase the Wet For Her Finger Extender, you can buy it here for $39.99*


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Huge thanks to BettysToyBox for sending me the Wet For Her Finger Extender in exchange for an honest review!

*On sale at time of publishing. Usual price $49.99.

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2 thoughts on “Wet For Her Finger Extender Review – Finger Banging Fun

  1. Is it bad of me to say it reminds me of ET?
    And £50 seems an awful lot for something that is essentially the coating for a vibrator, without the batteries, motor and charging system.
    But hey, if my Wife wasn’t one of those who would dislike it (though not for the reasons you consider) I’d buy one on the strength of that review.

    • haha I didn’t think of E.T but I do see it now! I mean really in pounds whilst it’s on sale it’s £30. But then there is delivery costs to consider of course. I think for me it’s well worth the money as it’s exactly what I have been looking for for a long time. I remember you saying before that your wife wasn’t into sex toys etc. Hopefully you are still able to enjoy them, even if only on your own x

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