Sinful Sunday – My Strap On, My Penis, My Dysphoria

pride flag

Because I often have fantasies involving having a penis, strap-ons are just as pleasurable for me to use alone. To feel and rub my firm cock between my legs. I try not to indulge in it too often though. The mental struggle of ‘taking off’ what I feel should always be there means there is too much of a low following my sexual high. I don’t discuss my gender feelings often as I ignore them too much to truly understand them. But it’s pride month. So for this week I’m wearing my penis and feeling proud.

Strap on. Black and white close up

For lots more sexy sunday sinners, click those lips below πŸ˜‰

Sinful Sunday



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22 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – My Strap On, My Penis, My Dysphoria

  1. This is a cracking shot. I love the angle you have take it from, there is something very powerful about the wide open stanch. I hope you continue to explore this desire though, life is too short to shut something like that away


  2. Greatest feeling in the world, stroking your cock. I like seeing your flag and of course your ‘penis’ so sexily displayed. Indulge as much as you like, Aurora.

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