10 Sexy Foods to use in the Bedroom

10 Sexy Foods to use in the Bedroom

A lot of the time the only senses that get remembered in the bedroom are sight and touch. However taste, smell and sound can all also be used to arouse and stimulate. Choosing the right sexy foods is important to ensure you have a good time. No one wants chillies near their genitals.

Here are 10 fun and sexy foods to take out of the kitchen and into the bedroom.

Fruit – My top picks are strawberries, cherries, mango or bananas. Make sure foods are cut into bite-size, manageable pieces.

Chocolate – Chocolate releases endorphins and its low melting point make it the ideal food to sweeten up the night.

Cream – Spray cream and whipped cream are the most obvious and for good reason. They make for very fun and playful sex.

Syrup – These sweet and sticky sauces are ideal for licking off your partner’s body. You may have messy sheets but you will have a lot of fun and could even have your finale in the shower.

Ice Lollies – The coldness will awaken both your body and mind. You get the sexy sight of watching your partner’s body melt the ice and the fruity flavours. It’s a double win.

Champagne – This always reminds me of a certain, very hot, Fifty Shades scene. The cold, bubbly liquid can be licked from your partner’s body or even transferred from your mouth to theirs. The classy way to bring new flavours into the bedroom.

Ice Cream – Noticing my love of temperature play here? Ice cream is one of my personal favourites. It’s a delicious, sweet treat that tastes even better when your partner is the bowl and your tongue is the spoon.

Candy – Okay so what I actually have in mind here is the candy underwear you can buy. It’s usually quite reasonably priced and it’s so sexy and fun.

Peanut Butter – It sticks to the body well and is fun to apply with your fingers. Plus, who doesn’t love peanut butter? I recommend using smooth peanut butter.

Sushi – Nyotaimori means using your naked body as a serving plate for sushi. You can then have your partner skip the chopsticks and eat it directly off of you.

Be careful as most foods can cause irritation if they come into contact with your genitals. For flavourful fun in that department, I recommend trying flavoured lubricants instead of sexy foods.

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