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Review: You2Toys Hammer – More Throb Than Thrust

Review: You2Toys Hammer – More Throb Than Thrust

The You2Toys Hammer Review

I am, and seemingly always will be, on the hunt for a sex toy which actually feels like sex with a penis. That is until I’ve finally find one, which for the record, I haven’t. The You2Toys Hammer looked like a pretty great contender though, especially with the orgasmic success I had with a previous You2Toys sex toy. The description had little to go on but the product image gave me the impression this was a thrusting toy. And with a name like ‘The Hammer’ I was excitedly expecting some pretty hardcore thrusting action.


The packaging is basic cardboard with a nice ‘door’ on the front to reveal your new Hammer. I vaguely remember there once being a time I knew sex toys existed but I’d never owned one. This was way back in the 90’s. I had an image of what a sex toy might look like, packaging included. And the You2Toys Hammer, along with it’s packaging, is exactly that. Perhaps it’s down to the provocative woman adorning the front?

You2Toys Hammer Packaging
You2Toys Hammer Packaging



Hold your hand up if half your sex toy decision making process involves what the sex toy actually looks like. *Raises hand*. It seems I’ve become so accustomed to these luxury brand designs that I’ve started to equate quality with appearance. If a sex toy looks expensive, I just assume it’s going to be good and vice versa. Of course that’s a foolish assumption to make, as the You2Toys Hammer taught me. With it’s outdated facade, not remotely resembling it’s innovative technology.

I adore the blue phlatate free silicone of the You2Toys Hammer. To be honest, I adore any colour that isn’t already dominating my toy box (Uhh humm, pink and purple). The silicone is smooth with a slight friction to it that collects some dust and lint. Expected with silicone though right? It does have a visible seam running down it which unfortunately can be felt when I run my finger over it, though not at all in use. The insertable shaft has a somewhat phallic appearance to it. With a protruding head at the tip and a slight impression of a urethra running down the back of the shaft. There are also two grooves along the base of the shaft. However since it’s such a lengthy toy I haven’t been able to experience whether they are for appearance of sensational benefit.

Speaking of length, you have a whopping 8 inches to insert with the You2Toys Hammer. Not to mention it’s filling circumference, reaching a max of 5 delicious inches. And whilst it has some weight to it, it’s certainly less than I would expect given it’s dimensions. Are you one of those who needs to look for a quiet sex toy with discretion in mind? Well, you may need to keep looking. Discretion is not on the cards with The Hammer and with the inability to use it in the bath or shower, there’s really no way around it.

You2Toys Hammer - 8 inch insertable length
You2Toys Hammer – 8 inch insertable length



The You2Toys Hammer takes 4 AA batteries. Unfortunately you need to buy these separately. They are simple to insert into the base and the budget batteries I used did the job perfectly. You can even pick some up from Orion along with your order.

You2Toys Hammer Battery Compartment
You2Toys Hammer Battery Compartment



There are three buttons to control the You2Toys Hammer. These slightly protrude from their panel and I found them very easy to navigate whilst the toy was in use. The controls couldn’t really be any more simple. You get one button to turn the toy on or off. And you get an increase speed button and a decrease speed button. Easy enough right?

You2Toys Hammer Controls
You2Toys Hammer Controls


Play Time

There’s no denying the size of this, along with it’s name, ‘The Hammer’, left me somewhat intimidated. But I usually find that to be a good sign. It means it goes beyond my sex toy ‘norm’. And new and exciting is what I’m always looking for.

So with a dollop of water based lubricant and my favourite clit vibe getting to work, I inserted the You2Toys Hammer a few inches. I immediately noticed it’s poker straight and rigid design was going to make G spot stimulation a miss and thus prepared myself for disappointment as I switched it on.

You know I read somewhere that our vaginal opening isn’t very sensitive. Maybe I’m an anomaly because I always find that to be untrue. Or maybe it was more crappy info making it’s way around the web? Either way, my vaginal opening was really the only part of me that felt the full effects of the Hammer’s thrusting action. Due to it’s straight and rigid design I couldn’t reach any internal sweet spots, leaving my opening to be the only area properly in contact with the toy. Now this felt good, like really good. An intense pulsating movement which took no effort on my part to control. I just switched it on and held it in place. But do I wish there was a curve to the shafts tip? Hell yes I do.

You2Toys Hammer

Riding the You2Toys Hammer

Well I think I discovered why this sex toy is called ‘The Hammer’. In this position it genuinely sounded like I was trying to hammer a hole through my bathroom floor. It was a race to orgasm before my neighbours knocked at the door to complain about the noise! Fortunately I was combining it with a fabulous clit vibe and the combo had me orgasming within a few minutes. In this position the sensations were very much the same for me as on my back with legs akimbo. My vaginal opening got all the stimulating action whilst internally I was kind of just left wanting. But those 2 inches of pleasure sure were intense. It felt like a delicious throbbing sensation. And given the 5 inch girth and the length of the shaft my orgasm was extra amazing as I felt every wave clamp against it.


I liked the You2Toys Hammer, but I didn’t love it. I just feel with a curve to it’s tip it could have been significantly more pleasurable. Never the less the intense throbbing sensations experienced in the first couple of inches of my vagina were fantastic! Though this leaves me wondering where the need is for its 8 inch insertable length?

If you would like to try the You2Toys Hammer you can purchase one here for €84.95

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Huge thanks to Orion for sending me the You2Toys Hammer in exchange for an honest review!


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