Wicked Wednesday – For Her Own Good

Wicked Wednesday – For Her Own Good

Unfortunately, I had to base this very loosely on the quote. This is my second attempt at erotic writing and I had to make the challenge a little easier!

What can a refined, delicate, sensitive woman do when thus insulted? 

For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts Advice to Women

I could see the hunger in his blue eyes. But deeper, much deeper, I could see the fear. The fear that was fueling his lust. Would he say the wrong thing? Take it too far? I understood. As I stepped closer to his bare chest, holding his intense gaze, I wondered too if I had asked for more than I could handle. Something too distant from the vanilla sex we had enjoyed up to this point. There was no way he could know the desires that flooded my mind as well as I did. All I could do was trust. Trust that he would read the responses of my body as easily as he read his favourite book.

As I reached him I placed my hands on his torso. He felt warm as I traced my fingers over my favourite part of his body. It wasn’t muscular, but slim. I could lose hours just playing with his trail of hair, from his belly button to the edge of his button-up jeans. Stroking the taut skin of his sides. Drinking in his familiar masculine scent.

He gently drew an S down my back, with such a light touch that I shuddered. And then it happened. God damn did it happen. He grabbed my hips with a tension I had never felt from his hands before. And with a force I never knew he had, he slammed me up against the wall. Pressing his body hard against mine. Gazing down at my surprised face with what I could only describe as anger. Grabbing my chin, he tilted my head to look up at him.

“This is how sluts get treated. Do you understand?”

Oh fuck.


“And what are you?”

“I’m a slut.”

“That’s right. You are my slut.”

Oh god, this was fucking hot! Before I could muster a reply he was ripping my dress over my head. I felt bare, in nothing but my bra. Cold. Vulnerable. And dripping wet between my thighs.

“Turn around and face the wall.”

I did as I was told. Disappointed that I had to take my eyes off his body. His face. His eyes. But I could feel him. As he pressed himself against me I could feel his cock reaching for my body. Digging into the small of my back. God, why hadn’t he taken off those jeans? I wanted to feel his flesh. The warmth of his dick and the wet stickiness I knew was gracing its tip. I reached around, desperate to locate those buttons. To let him spring free.

“You want it don’t you, you slut?”

Unghh that word again.


He unclasped my bra, spun me around, and putting his hand on my head he firmly pushed me down to face his crotch. I hastily removed my bra, desperate to feel the coolness of exposure against my nipples.

“You better ask me nicely then.”

“Please just let me taste it?”

I watched as he unbuttoned his jeans. The process so agonisingly slow. My mouth was salivating at the thought of licking the precum from his tip. I looked up, pleading with my eyes for him to undo them faster. Feeling the tension build up in my hands as I held them back. My fingers tingling with impatience.

And there it was. Sprung free. His thick, delicious cock glistening over me. I flung my mouth forward like a magnet was drawing my tongue in on him. And just as quickly, he had grabbed my hair and pulled me back again.

“Oh no. You are going to wait. You are not to taste my dick. Do you understand?”

Frustratingly, “Yes.”

He brushed the head of his cock against my lips, leaving a mouthwatering trail of salty precum in its wake.

“Do not taste it.”

My lips felt as though they were on fire. In desperate need of the wetness of my tongue to put out the flames. I could smell it, but god I couldn’t taste it. My whole body was tense with the need. Tense with how hard I was fighting the urge just to release my tongue a little. Just to taste a tiny bit.

His hand lowered, taking both my breasts in one hand and massaging them together. How I loved his big hands. If only the massage would release my tension. But it was a dirty trick. He was trying to distract me. I could see his eyes set only on my mouth. He was testing me.

He squeezed my breasts firmly, one of them springing from his grasp as his other hand lowered further. Reaching my desperate and yearning cunt. I had almost forgotten about it. So focused on my lips and my tongues painful denial. His hand was not there long. Not nearly long enough. Only sweeping a finger against my vulva and then releasing my breast: He stood before me. His cock so close to my eye line, and so desperately far away from my mouth. My cunt now almost as despairing as my tongue.

He took his finger, wet with my desire and stroked my lips.

“Now you can taste it.”

And I did. I opened my mouth, releasing a pool of built up saliva, and I licked every morsel from my lips. I sucked them into my moist mouth, enjoying it too much to savour the flavour.

“You greedy girl.”

He smirked. The first glimmer of softness to his face. And I melted. Distracted just for a moment as I considered how lucky I am.

But in two pounding and aroused heartbeats, his beautiful face was gone. As he thrust his balls towards my mouth, knowing I would devour them. I buried my face in his soft pubic hair and licked and sucked as his body twitched. Just stretching my tongue to stroke his perineum when…

“Stand up.”

My heart started to thump harder as I rose from the floor. Please let him fuck me. My mouth had been satisfied, but it had only heightened the yearning between my legs.

He flung me around, pressing on the base of my back as I bent over in response. His fingertips rose up my inner thigh, gently making their way to my vulva.

“Fuck, you’re a wet little slut aren’t you?”

“Please, I need you to fuck me.”

I couldn’t see his smirk, but I could feel it. With the confidence of his fingers massaging my clit, as he knew how desperately I wanted him.

“Please, I’m going to cum.”

And then he spanked me. For the first time ever, he spanked me. His wet fingers leaving a cool, sticky reminder on my right ass cheek. And I thought I might cry. Not because I was upset, or hurt. But because my body could not handle any more pleasure without having some form of release. And it was in that moment that he thrust his dick deep inside me. His cock pounding to the rhythm of my heartbeat. And I knew I was right to trust him. To trust that he could read my bodies responses. I shuddered, convulsed and tightened around him. And just as my orgasm subsided, he pulled out and spilt his creamy fluid over my still sticky and tender ass. His sluts ass.


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  1. O you did gooood! Only your second attempt and you nailed it! I definitely think the short ones are harder to achieve and you Nailed It!!

  2. Oh gosh, that one little word: slut. If it’s a thing for a couple, it can be such a magical word! You’ve done damn good with this story and should write some more 🙂

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!

    Rebel xox

  3. Oh Aurora this is delicious, the use of the word slut, the way he man-handles her (you?) and the spanking at the end…..mmhmm to all of it


  4. very good read
    Slut is an interesting word it can shut down a bedroom like lightning or can open a fantasy like a skeleton key.
    my only time using so far it I giggled.
    Time for a second go with next partnere perhaps.

    1. Author

      Definitely worth another try if it’s a word that gets you going. It’s one of my favourites to hear in the bedroom. The story might have given that away a bit already lol

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