Wicked Wednesday - Neighbours in the Hay

Wicked Wednesday – Neighbours in the Hay

Wicked Wednesday – Neighbours in the Hay

It had been years. Years since I’d inhaled the familiar scent of damp crumbling streets and manure. The smell of my home, my childhood. The warmth of nostalgia was short lived though, as I stumbled across the gravel path to the local pub and cursed as my heels dug into the soggy mud below. Even without rain this town always did manage to be a mudbath. It made me wish I still owned a pair of wedged wellington boots like I sported throughout my teenage years. I’d have laughed at me back then. So out of place in this little town. Stilettos and a white coat were as rare as gardens without chickens.

A smile crossed my painted lips as I entered. Not a thing had changed. The rowdy pub with its array of local lagers, faded suede upholstery and muddy wooden floors was exactly how I had left it 15 years ago. Even the worn pool table and the dart board, surrounded by a randomly impaled wall. As I sipped my Vodka Orange I saw something by the dartboard that had changed though. Back then he was my friend and neighbour. The person I’d collected conkers and stolen corn with. Now he was one hell of a sexy stranger.

His hair was the colour of the hay we’d made dens in. His eyes as blue as the lake we’d fished in. His smile… Oh crap, he caught me looking.

“Well, hello there stranger.” God, that cocky smile had not changed a bit. “Don’t you look fancy.”

I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. He was right, I looked like a bloody idiot. I was in the middle of nowhere dressed up like I was about to attend a wedding. I had wanted to look successful when I surprised my mum. I’d wanted her to feel proud just from the sight of me. And then she’d gone and chosen my surprise weekend to disappear on an impromptu camping trip. Typical.

“I’m only teasing! Come on, what’s your poison?”

Two hours disappeared as I laughed and drank with the ghosts of my past. The whole time glancing back over to my old neighbour. My gazes getting more intense as the Vodkas went down. He was letting me win a game of pool when the last orders bell rang and I noticed the rowdy pub was now just us and an incoherent man trying to bargain with the barman for just one more.

He glanced over at the bar as if noticing the quiet of the room at the same moment. “I better walk you back. You staying at your mum’s?”

“Ooo cutting the game short. Too afraid of losing to a girl again?”

He smirked. We both knew he’d let me win the last game and was trying to let me win this one too.

“Come on you.”

He grabbed my arm, linking it with his own. And as I stumbled back down the gravel path, I knew I’d have tripped without his support.

“Fuck it.” I slipped off my heels and swung them into my bag.

The walk back was filled with memories. Pointing out all the places we’d played, got into trouble and broken bones. I pointed to a wooden farm building on our right and giggled.

“Remember old farmer Bill’s barn? I used to love climbing those hay bales. I can’t believe he never busted us!”

“I wonder if it’s still the same inside?” His eyebrows danced and I knew this was my moment. My one offer. And I was sure as hell going to take it.

“Let’s go see.” I dragged him along by his muscular arm with anticipation tight in my belly. “Omg, it’s pitch black in here!”

“Hang on, I’ve got a light on my phone.”

A click of a button and his face was illuminated. That familiar face. Exactly the same but for a few laughter lines and a whiskered chin. His eyes just as blue, his lips just as soft. And then I saw it. In his downward glance and rapidly beating chest. He was nervous.

I took the phone from his hand and placed it on the hay bale beside us.

“It hasn’t changed a bit in here.”

I didn’t know if his nerves were catching or the Vodka was wearing off, but as I stepped close enough to his body to feel his erratic breath, I felt my stomach flip. As I took my hands and slowly stroked his shoulders to his forearms I felt my heart flutter. And as he grabbed the back of my neck and heavily pressed my lips against his I felt the whole world do a somersault.

His kiss was purposeful. Full of need and desire. His body pressing mine against the bale behind me. He grabbed me, raising me up onto the stack of hay as my legs responded, wrapping around his thick thighs. The hay dug into my bum and legs. Scratching against me with every shift of my body. And my body shifted a lot. Arching to meet his. Desperate to touch every part of him with every bit of me.

I grasped at his white shirt, stained with dirt and sweat, ripping it over his head with urgency. My hands danced over his torso, feeling every tight ripple of muscle. My mouth drawn in to taste the fresh drips of salty sweat as they cascaded down his skin.

His large hands gripped my thighs, raising higher and taking the skirt of my dress with them. As he reached my hips his right thumb extended to stroke the wet satin between my legs. His tongue massaged mine as he rubbed my clit, leaving a desperate ache in me for more of him. All of him.

I fumbled with the buttons of his jeans, yearning to get at his cock. To feel it in my hand. To take it inside of me.

As it sprung free the visible thickness made me gasp. Oh, fuck yes!

His thumb had snuck under the satin and I could feel the build of orgasm as he continued to massage my cunt. I needed to speed things up.

I grabbed at my thong and yanked it down, placing my legs back around his thighs. As he rolled a condom down the delicious shaft of his cock I bit my lip. Just seconds without his touch felt like an eternity.

He kissed me with a force that pushed me back against the hay bale and he thrust smoothly inside me. A gentle rhythm soon built up to a hard and fast pace as we both strained to get him as deep as possible. Just at the moment I couldn’t take any more pleasure he reached down and kissed me. I whimpered a moan against his lips as I came ferociously around his cock. My mouth quivering, my body shaking. My cunt crying with the satisfaction of release.

A few more deep, hard strokes and I could feel his release. His body trembling against mine and the speed of his breath reaching its peak as his heart pounded against my chest.

This time when our lips met the kiss was soft and slow. Full of satisfaction and fulfilment.

“I changed my mind. This old barn is nothing like it used to be.”


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  1. Oh yes. I want to read more about this barn, especially if these two are going to be frequenting it. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, like this – I think there is a certain amount of truth hiding in this post – could be wrong but great story either way x

  3. I love the moment when he was nervous. Just made it seem more real to me. I’m surprised there isn’t a health and safety warning about having sex in a barn considering the amount of heat those two generated. CP xx

  4. I love how they revisited a place from earlier and made new memories together 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. Fabulously believable and sexy story. The joys of scratchy hay and a whiskery man – no wonder it’s a favourite fantasy!

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