Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Review

Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant

Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Review

Lube. Is. Awesome. I mean honestly, it is. I wouldn’t even approach an internal sex toy without a trusty bottle of lube by my side. Without lube there would be no slippery tit wanks, no clitoral rubbing, no bum fun and for some, no frictionless penetrative sex. Not all vaginas contain a rain cloud ready to unleash maximum levels of lubrication. Some are just dry. And this, this is why lube rocks my world. But the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant didn’t get the most valuable lube spot on my bed side table. And here is why..

Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Bottle Front
Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Bottle Front


Bottle Design

The Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant comes in a black bottle with silver accents. Containing 120ml of the slippery good stuff. Dispensing is done via the pump which is equally bad and good. Whilst it works effectively and with little pressure, it’s not possible to control the amount of lubricant expelled. In fact it sort of spurts out in an ejaculatory fashion. Though fortunately in small manageable doses.

Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Bottle Back
Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Bottle Back


The Lube

The Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant is Paraben free, latex friendly and vegan. But one of the main ingredients used is prypolene glycole. Meaning if you’re prone to yeast infections this is one to avoid. Along with the addition of glycerin and you should probably avoid it if you’re prone to uti’s as well.

If a lubricant doesn’t smell and taste acceptable I won’t be using it with my partner. He likes to get a bit lube happy and the stuff gets everywhere. There is no doubt my nostrils and my taste buds are going to get a hit of the stuff. So naturally I am going to give the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant a good sniff. It is marketed as being fragrance free and for good reason. The stuff smells like nothing. But what about the equally important taste? Well that’s definitely got something going on. The bitter taste is unpalatable.

With every review I write for Wicked Sensual Care I become more confident they know what lube is all about. The frictionless glide. I can’t tell you how many lubes I’ve tried that have turned into a sticky mess within minutes. Yes Durex I’m looking at you. But not this one. The Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant can glide for days. I mean, probably. It’s thin water like consistency makes it more like an oily sheen than a gloopy product.  It’s like it’s not there. Except it is. And it’s making penile penetration frictionless and fabulous. Be warned though, the watery consistency comes with a price. A very drippy price. It won’t stay in a localised spot. It will drip and spread like, well, water.

Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Pump
Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant Pump


Play Time


Because I use sex toys so often I always buy water based lube. They are just a great all-rounder for vaginal penetration. There are no concerns over which materials I can use with water based. It loves them all. As do I.

So with my largest internal toy at the ready I was all set to check out how good the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant really was in action. Hopeful of a great result since the taste had taken sex off the table.

With my solo session over I disappointedly accepted it was one of those mediocre ‘meh’ products. The problem I had was the lubes drip factor. Adding more lube didn’t add more slick. The excess just dripped down the shaft and, since I was doing cowgirl, made a puddle on my floor. Yes the dildo had a gloriously slippery and longlasting sheen, but I just wanted a little more thickness to it. I just needed a little more gloop.


And then there is sex. Sex with no oral thanks to the undelightfully bitter taste. I’m one of the many women who have minimal vaginal lubrication. One of the many wonderful ‘perks’ of my meds. I also have a very sensitive clitoris that cries out for no more if things get a bit frictionful in that region. So a good lube can make a world of difference to my sex sessions. And to my surprise this was a good lube.

A couple of squirts on my vulva and I was comfortably enjoying his fingers, penis and a bullet vibe (not all at once, my vulva’s only so big) rubbing against my clitoris. No top ups required for the ten minutes of external play I reveled in. As things heated up we moved onto our favourite finale. Three squirts on his penis and he was gliding inside like a dream. Thrusting like a champion. Penetrating like a warrior. Pounding like a.. Um where was I? Well anyway, you get the picture. The lube worked. It lasted for as long as needed and supplied enough slip and slide to make things comfortable and pleasurable.

Holding The Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant
Holding The Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant



Unfortunately for me the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant just didn’t tick my boxes. Whilst there were a few positives, I just can’t get past the bitter taste or the drippy thinness. Sure with a petite dildo or with oralless sex it’s going to work fine. But I’m on the hunt for a lube that does it all. And this one, unfortunately, does not.

You can get your hands on the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant here for $10.99

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Huge thanks to Wicked Sensual Care for sending me the Wicked Aqua Water Based Lubricant in exchange for an honest review!

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