Review: We Vibe Nova – A Silent Rabbit With A Flexible Arm

Review: We Vibe Nova – A Silent Rabbit With A Flexible Arm

For 2 years I did the We-Vibe Tango struggle. Juggling my favourite bullet in one hand and my dildo of choice in the other. Don’t even get me started on the times I wanted to incorporate some anal stimulation into the mix. Needless to say, I got pretty excited when the We Vibe Nova first hit the market. It was, and I mean this with absolute honesty, the answer to my masturbating dreams! I finally had the promise of that extra hand back to stimulate other areas. Without giving up the power my clitoris craves.
Unfortunately the release was a while back now and I don’t keep packaging. So this review is going to be purely about the good stuff. The contents of the box.


If you aren’t a fan of pink, this toy may not be for you. It’s a beautifully bright shade of coral pink. The base which you hold (or in my case clamp between my legs,) is a pure white. Only broken up by the silver of the charging port. The charging port which looks nothing like a charging port might I add. The base also includes a raised We-Vibe logo and 4 discreet button controls.
The true selling point of this rabbit vibrator is the design of the clitoral arm. The flexibility should mean it can suit any vulva type. Unlike other rabbit vibrators in which the ‘ears’ can miss the mark. It’s also boasted to flex with you so once in the right spot it’s there to stay.
The shaft of the We Vibe Nova curves to give that all important g-spot stimulation.

We Vibe Nova Aurora Glory Blog


The Specs

The We Vibe Nova is made of a body safe silicone. Completely free of Phthalates, latex and BPA. It is also completely non porous for bacteria free fun. Because of its material it needs a good dollop of water based lube to decrease any friction. I use this internally and on the clitoral arm.
  • Circumference – 4.25 inches
  • Insertable Length – 4.75 inches

The Vibes

I was expecting some hardcore power from this toy and I’ve got to hand it to We Vibe, they delivered. It has a dual motor which means the power isn’t shared between the clitoral arm and the internal shaft. It also gives you the option of turning one of the motors off if you want to focus the vibrations to one area. If you have tried the We Vibe Tango then you can gauge what sort of power to expect. The Nova falls just shy of the Tango’s buzz.
The We Vibe Nova comes with 10 different vibrations modes. I’m not usually a fan of pattern vibes but there are a couple on the Nova that I enjoy. There are also a couple that make no sense to me at all. I’m most likely to go for the wave, the tide or the pulse which are the simpler of the patterns.

We Vibe Nova Aurora Glory Blog


The Noise

Not everyone cares whether their toy sounds like a plane taking off. But for me discretion is important. Unlike manufacturers that need to check the term ‘quiet’ in the dictionary, We Vibe knows discretion. The Nova amazes me at how quiet it is, especially with the power it packs. If I had to recommend a discreet toy to someone, this would be it!

The Controls & App

There are 5 button controls on the We Vibe Nova and I find this a pain in the ass. I like a maximum of 2 so I can control the toy with ease mid play. What I don’t want is to have to remove the toy to find my desired button. To make it even harder for the user the buttons aren’t even raised. They only have a slight raised marking to decipher where they are. And I don’t use my Nova enough to memorize which button has what function.
This is where the app comes in. Without the app I wouldn’t bother with the patterns. I would set it on full pelt and leave it there until I came. Actually, the majority of the time this is what I do anyway.
The We Connect app pairs with your Nova via bluetooth. It has some pretty impressive uses that I haven’t tried yet. Like a long distance lover controlling your toy via the app. I downloaded the app via the Playstore for free. Once connected you can control the patterns and intensity of the vibrations.
Basically, if you don’t have a means of getting the app you’re stuck with pretty crappy controls.

We Vibe Nova Aurora Glory Blog


My Experience With The We Vibe Nova

As with most of my clitoral toys the We Vibe Nova comes out if both my Tangos are dead. I’m not an organized sex toy user so this happens pretty often. Apart from my We Vibe Tango I don’t have a ‘go to’ vibrator. It depends on how I’m feeling and what’s at the top of my toy chest. I do love the Nova but it doesn’t hold a special place in my heart like my Tango.
Unless my clitoris is being hammered by some hardcore power, I’m not going to get off. Half the toys I’ve tried haven’t done the job. The Nova however, is plenty powerful enough. I also need precise stimulation. I could use a wand vibrator all day and get nothing but frustrated. If you prefer pin point pleasure then you’ve got that with the We Vibe Nova too.
If I am using the app and the pattern vibes I will go hands free with it. I place it where I like, clamp my legs shut and let the rabbit do all the work for me. But my favourite way of using the We Vibe Nova is by jacking it up to its highest setting. Placing it where I like and then doing a slight rolling motion with the handle. The flexible arm stays in place through movement and the shaft strokes my g-spot.
The only issue I have with the We Vibe Nova, aside from the controls, is the hardness of the clitoral arm. Since it presses so firmly against me it can be a bit uncomfortable. A softer arm would have been better.

 We Vibe Nova Aurora Glory Blog

If there is any more you would like to know about the We Vibe Nova then please let me know in the comments below!
If you would like to purchase a Nova you can get one from Lovehoney for £106.99
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