We-Connect.. But Who Are We Connecting With?

We-Connect.. But Who Are We Connecting With?

The We-Connect app, solely for the use with smart We-Vibe sex toys, is currently facing a lawsuit. Why? Customers believe the app is sending information about their use to the manufacturer. A Chicago woman that had purchased the We-Vibe Rave and downloaded the app, filed a lawsuit against them for collecting data without customer knowledge. This story flooded the internet back in September, so what was the outcome?

“The app that brings couple’s closer together”

In October, We-Vibe revealed that the privacy of the device users had been updated to ensure no personal data was collected. The collected data, including the length of use and vibe setting choices, can not be connected to a certain individual.

On Nov 22nd the opposing sides attended a mediation meeting. The settlement papers from both sides will be submitted to the courts by Jan 27th. The terms of the settlement are currently unknown.

The We-Connect app has many features. You are able to change vibration patterns and intensity. One of its key selling points is that you can pair the device with someone anywhere in the world. The ideal app for long-distance couples. Another great feature is the ability to create your own vibration patterns with ease.

“Touch, tease and turn her on from anywhere in the world”

I would definitely say We-Vibe is in my top 5 sex toy manufacturers. For a number of years, their We-Vibe Tango has been my most used toy. When I purchased my Nova I downloaded the We-Connect app. I have used the app a few times during solo play and find it really useful.

The toys you can currently pair with the We-Connect app are


My opinion on the privacy violation

Honestly, I don’t know if it’s just my openness about sex (I mean I write a sex blog, how much more open can you get?), but I just don’t really care. I bought the toy and downloaded the app to get off. And get off I certainly do. So does it matter if my sex sessions are used as some statistic to create new and improved toys? Nope. I’m just excited for the release of the new and improved toys! Besides, I spend half my life online, I’m sure there are worse violations of my privacy that I don’t know about.

Do you use the app too? How do you feel about data being collected on your sex toy sessions without your consent?

we-connect passionate play collection

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we-connect aurora glory

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