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Valentines Day Hamper – What’s Going In Mine

Valentines Day Hamper – What’s Going In Mine

Valentine’s day is the perfect time to show that special someone how much they mean to you. It’s also a great day to get in the bedroom and get extra intimate. It may be cold outside, but with the right valentines day hamper things inside can be steaming!


I love massages any time of the year as a way of being intimate with my partner. Nothing says sexy romance like rubbing your lover’s naked body with oil. There are a number of massage products you can try, oils, candles, foams, lotions. This year I’m going for a massage oil. I’m also opting for vanilla since it’s an aphrodisiac!


I find the right lingerie can look a million times hotter than an au natural birthday suit. And since it’s valentines day, it’s the perfect time to treat us both to something new. Red is the obvious way to go and with this red wine teddy, I did. It’s a perfect feminine design for a romantic night in. It is going to look just amazing teamed with some nude stockings!


Nothing transforms a room like candlelight. Every year on Valentine’s day I go all out with the candles. I’m opting for scented tea lights so I can transform the room without breaking my bank. This year I’m going for the aphrodisiac that is vanilla to match my massage oil.

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A couple of drinks can really lighten the mood, especially for a newer couple. Release some inhibitions, get a bit flushed and have a giggle. It’s probably not a good idea to get plastered but I’ll be popping a bottle of wine in my Valentines day hamper. 

Body Paint

Edible body paint is a great way of exploring and enjoying each other’s bodies. You can choose from a variety of flavours like chocolate or strawberry. Or you can make your own by melting some chocolate. Although I’ve tried and enjoyed body paints in the past I’ll be getting some chocolate to melt this year. I’m thinking Galaxy 😉

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Bringing the right food in the bedroom can be incredibly sexy. I have a list of the ten best foods here! But since it’s Valentine’s day, there is nothing quite as romantic as strawberries. I’ll definitely be dipping them in the melted chocolate on his body.

Bubble Bath

It’s rare my partner and I get the opportunity to take a bubble bath together. But when we do it’s nothing but erotic romance. We chat, we kiss, we ‘accidentally’ brush against one another, it’s perfection. All I need is a good bubble bath to go with my candles and wine and we’re good to go. 
So now you know how I’ll be spending my Valentines day (or night), but how will you be spending yours?
Anyone else going to be making a sexy Valentines Day hamper?
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