Feature photo of my hand holding the Vain Toys Stiffy.

Review: Vain Toys Stiffy – Customizable Silicone Dildo

Review: Vain Toys Stiffy – Customizable Silicone Dildo

Vain Toys Stiffy – Customizable Dildo Review

How excited is it acceptable to get over a dildo? Well, I got about 20 times that excited over the Vain Toys Stiffy. In fact, just browsing the Vain Toys website had me in a state of thrilldom. The unique shapes. The beautiful colours. The customizability. Who wouldn’t be fluttering with excitement over that? A sex toy made to order like a delicious sandwich of orgasms. I was sold before I even got to the fact you can add glitter!


Discreetly packaged, the Vain Toys Stiffy arrived in a black cardboard parcel. Inside was my customised orgasm inducer, inside a clear material bag. It even had two little silicone hearts as well. Too cute!

Photo of the Vain Toys Stiffy on top of its clear bag with blue ribbon tie. Included in image are the two matching small silicone hearts.
Vain Toys Stiffy Bag & Hearts


I chose the Vain Toys Stiffy because of its minimal texture. I’m not a fan of too many bumps. The head protrudes with a delicious coronal ridge below, but the rest of the shaft is flat and smooth, increasing ever so slightly in girth as it reaches the base. The base of their dildos is customizable, so you can choose whether you would like a suction cup or not. Best of all, if you do want a suction cup, there is no extra cost! Usually, the luxury of suctionable dildos comes at a premium price. I, of course, chose a suction cup. Because, why wouldn’t I want a dildo I can do doggy with?

Photo of me holding the Vain Toys Stiffy to demonstrate the depth of the coronal ridge.
Vain Toys Stiffy Coronal Ridge

The Stiffy has 6.3″ of insertable length and a filling maximum of 5.9″ in circumference. It’s not the biggest insertable toy I own, but it fills me enough to make me feel the sensational vaginal stretch of a girthy toy. And enough to warrant at least 10 squirts of the slippery good stuff that is waterbased lube.

Finally and probably most importantly, the Stiffy, as with all of Vain Toys dildos, is made of completely body safe silicone. All of which can come in any of the 20 gorgeous colours with either gold or silver glitter. Or none, if there really is anyone that wouldn’t want the addition of amazing sparkly stuff.

My Stiffy is made of light blue silicone with silver glitter. Because, naturally, I do want the amazing sparkly stuff. The blue silicone has waves of pearlescent patterns that take it from a device of genital pleasure to a work of art. It is beautiful.

Close up of the beautiful pearlescent blue of the Vain Toys Stiffy.
Vain Toys Stiffy in Light Blue with Silver Glitter


For anyone aware of the technical stuff, the shore hardness rating for this dildo is A10. Even as a sex toy reviewer though, this means almost nothing to me. I know, trust me, I’m totally ashamed. In non sex geek terms though, the silicone is firm enough to stand erect but with enough squidge to bend the Stiffy in half. Or give it a good squish with your fingers.

In use, this level of squish is perfect for comfortable insertion and thrusting, whilst also having enough firmness to feel pressure on those magical internal spots. For me, it is the ideal medium between the aggressive hardness of metal or glass and the pressureless squidge of dildos that could double up as stress balls.

Photo demonstrating the flexibility of the Vain Toys Stiffy. I am folding the dildo completely in half.
Vain Toys Stiffy Flexibility

Suction Cup

The suction cup base of the Vain Toys Stiffy is undeniably large. I imagine it has to be to keep the Stiffy, stiff. This does add quite a bit of weight to the toy considering its size, but the suction cup has saved me from any hand discomfort the weight may have caused. I usually just suction cup it to the floor and have the ride of my life – hands completely pain-free.

I could suction cup it to a wall as it certainly has the suction power to stay put, but I personally find the size a bit too challenging in this position. Regardless, I stuck the Stiffy to a painted wall and slapped it around more vigorously than any genitalia could achieve. The dildo was not budging. This is one of the most effective suction cups I’ve seen.

Photo of the suction cup base of the Vain Toys Stiffy. A chunky circular base.
Vain Toys Stiffy Optional Suction Cup

Play Time

I’ll be honest, the Vain Toys Stiffy isn’t a dildo I grab when I want to do the vaginal equivalent of ‘beating out a quick one’. The girth means I need to take my time, even with the friendly slope of the head. I have to warm up and thoroughly lube up if I want a comfortable and pleasurable session with the Stiffy.

Once there, the angled head deliciously stretches me as I lower myself onto the toy. Then comes the soft but firm coronal ridge, that without a doubt is my favourite aspect of this dildo. The short but sweet stretch it gives makes simply bouncing on the tip enough to make me quiver. Inserting further this girthy dong touches every wall of my vagina, including a purposeful brush against my g spot. It is so filling that simply staying stationary is enough to make me reach a body shaking orgasm.

I always need the helping buzz of a trusty clitoral vibe to reach orgasm with any toy, the Stiffy included. But the toy I use internally can make the difference between a feeble flutter and the sort of orgasm that makes me forget who I am. With the Stiffy, I could be Madonna for all I know. The girth and firmness make every clenching wave of orgasm unignorable.

Photo of the full Vain Toys Stiffy laid down on a white background..
Vain Toys Stiffy


Customizable dildos get me excited. When those dildos are affordable, high quality and effective, I’m practically peeing myself to get the word out. The Vain Toys Stiffy is definitely for those with an appreciation of girth though and should be approached with a good bottle of lube at the ready. The coronal ridge and bulging sloped head are what made this dildo so special for me, it was just the right amount of texture to add interest without discomfort.

If you would like to try the filling pleasures of the Vain Toys Stiffy you can purchase one here for €49

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Huge thanks to Vain Toys for sending me the Vain Toys Stiffy in exchange for an honest review!

Vain Toys Stiffy

Vain Toys Stiffy

Orgasm Rating

9.5 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Suction Cup

10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Strong Suction Cup
  • Body Safe Silicone
  • Customizable
  • High Quality


  • Takes A LOT of Lube

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