Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Review

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Review

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Review

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Review

It wasn’t long into my sex toy exploration journey that Sliquid lubricant was brought to my attention. It seems to have always been the common recommendation amongst sex enthusiasts. Mainly due to it’s safe ingredients. The Sliquid brand is famous for being a mostly safe alternative to the huge array of potentially dangerous lubricants flooding the market. And yet despite this I still always opted for the cheaper, genital irritating lubricant. Shame on me, I know. But now I’ve tried the Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant, have I been converted? Will I join the Sliquid recommending army of sexual beings?

Bottle Design

The Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant comes in a clear plastic bottle with a blue label. I love the clear plastic as it means I know when I’m in need of a new bottle. The cap is similar to those on my shampoo bottles. It clicks down on one side, revealing a hole on the other. A gentle squeeze of the bottle and the lube runs free. It’s very easy to control how much is dispensed with this design. The cap also unscrews if larger amounts of lube are needed to be expelled. I have to admit, I’m not convinced this type of cap would make the bottle travel well. Perhaps decanting would be the best solution here?

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Bottle
Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Bottle


Body Safe

Remember how I said Sliquid was famous for being a body safe lubricant brand? Well, lets explore that a little further. The Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant contains no glycerine or propylene glycol. Both of these increase the osmolality of the lube which in turn increases your risk of infection. This can be from STI’s to yeast infections. They are also capable of causing irritation. Sliquid also promises all of their lubricants are free of gluten, glycerol, parabens, sorbital, PEG, DEA and sulphates. And the cherry on the top is that all the Sliquid lubes are completely vegan friendly!

The Lube

So that’s all very well, but if the Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant doesn’t do its intended job then it’s useless right? And whether it does or doesn’t really depends on your intentions for it. The consistency is like an incredibly thin gel. It feels beautifully silky and soft against the skin. It also seems completely odorless which I adore and the flavour is unlike any lube I’ve experienced before. It’s almost flavourless, which is hugely impressive for a lube. None of that disgusting twang so many other lubricants have.

The Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant has a hydrating quality which seems to have benefits and flaws. It does completely absorb into the skin eventually, and at a pace faster than other lubricants. However a splash of water genuinely does bring back the slickness. If you want a lube that doesn’t take huge efforts to clean up post play though, it’s definitely a winner for it’s absorbing abilities. It also means you don’t have to deal with any tacky lube. This one never gets sticky.

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Cap
Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant Cap


Play Time


Firstly, if you’re looking for a lubricant for anal play I highly recommend looking elsewhere. The Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant doesn’t have the thickness needed for a good anal lube. For vaginal penetration it was still thinner than my previous go to lube. And for this reason it didn’t seem to cut it with my larger sex toys. Especially those with a lot of drag like some silicones. Uhh humm, Fun Factory. There is also no denying this is one messy lubricant. It’s thin consistency leads to dripping beyond anyones control.

But, with my toys of a 5 inch circumference and below it worked like magic. Creating just the right amount of glide not to decrease sensation. It feels so similar to my natural lubrication that I would hardly know it’s there and the absorbing quality makes the messy factor forgivable. As someone with decreased lubrication due to medication this is exactly what I need. Something that leaves me feeling normal. No irritation following play, it’s like a lube was never there. The only downside is the need to reapply it if I’m going for a longer solo session. I could use water but.. The lubes just more convenient.


It was a lubricant for intercourse which really made me want to try the Sliquid brand. It’s not only vaginas that are sensitive to the junk in most lubes and my partner is fed up of post sex penis irritation. To contain the drip I just had to squirt a bit on my hand and rub it onto where it was needed. It creates an amazing glide for penis in vagina sex. It was also perfectly slippery for clitoral stimulation. Our only hiccup came with his penis between my breasts. My skin is very dehydrated (so says my masseuse) and so it absorbed much too quickly for any real fun. It also lacks the oily glow that my partner loves so much about lube on my body.

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant
Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant



It’s clear the Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant is a very high quality lubricant. It seems to be in a league all of its own. It’s not a multipurpose lube, but it excels at the jobs it’s made for. And for those other jobs? There are other Sliquid lubes. I finally see what all the fuss was about. Even as someone who never considered my genitals to be sensitive. I can still see a huge difference in how I feel post penetration. I’m a total Sliquid convert. And you can be sure I’ll be enjoying the Slickness of Sliquid for many years to come.

If you would like to try the Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant, you can purchase a 255ml bottle here for $18.99*

Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant
Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant 255ml


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*At time of posting. Usual price $22.99

Huge thanks to BettysToyBox for sending me the Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant in exchange for an honest review!

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  1. Hi Aurora,

    Thanks for the info. I guess I shouldn’t try it if you say it’s too thin for big dildos, that’s all I use , lol
    What do you recommend for large dildos?

    1. Author

      I would look into the Sliquid Sassy which is specially made for anal play. I’ve also had a lot of success with the Doc Johnson Anal Lube. Which lube do you currently use, if you don’t mind me asking?

      1. I have been mixing KY warming gel and boy butter in a 5 oz syringe with a long tip on it and injecting it in my ass. That’s only when I am going to have a serious session with some real big dildos .

      2. The KY when mixed with boy butter makes a very slippery and sticky solution. It also feels really good inside me. I will squirt about 2 or 3 oz. inside me and squirt some on each big dildo I insert. I usually warm up with a dildo called King Cock 12″ black. Have you ever heard of it? Its a very great feeling dildo, 2.86″ wide head and a 3 ” wide shaft , 9.5″ insertable. Then I move up in size after about 5 minutes with this bad boy. Would you like to know what I use next ?

  2. Thank you for sharing! This is the lube we use, and love it, but it was great to learn more about it!

    1. Author

      Thank you for leaving a comment! It’s wonderful isn’t it?! I can’t wait to try some more Sliquid lubes x

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