Skype Sex – A Beginners Guide To Cyber Sex

Skype Sex – A Beginners Guide To Cyber Sex

Having sex on Skype can be a lot of fun and can also be the ideal solution for a long distance relationship. In a previous relationship, my partner and I lived an hour apart and used Skype a couple of times a week for some online intimacy. You’re definitely in the right place if you’re new to Skype sex and want some tips to get you started.

A Word Of Caution.

It’s very important that I highlight that although Skype doesn’t have an option to record it is still possible for people to record the call. Make sure you are having Skype sex with someone you can trust and if necessary hide your face or any other identifying things like tattoos or birthmarks.

Now that lecture is over, shall we get to the good stuff?

I tried to have Skype sex with my ex only a couple of months ago and it was a disaster. It was spur of the moment so neither of us actually had Skype set up. It ended up taking way over an hour to get to the stage of actually having any cyber sex. The moral of the story is, before you plan on actually having cybersex get your account and cam setup.

Skype Sex Is Fun(ny)

Having a laugh with it is necessary. Especially the first time you do it, as it’s not likely to completely go to plan. Don’t worry about it, it’s all part of the fun.

Lingerie Is Key

I always wear some sexy Lingerie if I’m planning Skype sex. Not only is it nice for your partner but it helps to get you in the mood and feel sexy. When you’re having sex in a room on your own in front of a camera, you need all the help you can get.

Confidence Is Sexy

The first few times I had sex on Skype I was more concerned about getting a good angle than actually getting myself off. It was months into my relationship when my partner told me how unfulfilling it had been for him. He wasn’t stupid and could see I wasn’t into it. Besides all those parts of me I was trying to conceal, were parts of me that he loved and aroused him.

Confidence really is sexy. I’ve been the girl who moaned that I didn’t know what to do or that I felt stupid. It just led to him feeling disappointed and me knowing it. I felt much sillier for doing that than I ever had when I’ve let go and got into it.

Simon Says, Get Your Kit Off

If you are feeling shy and don’t know what to do then suggest a game. Something like Simon Says will get rid of any pressure as he will be telling you what to do. You just have to do it and then decide what it is you want him to do.

Mood Music

Putting on a sexy music playlist always helped get me in the mood. It also made it feel less uncomfortable as it drowned out any silences or unattractive noises. Obviously, you don’t want it too loud as you need to communicate and he definitely wants to be able to hear you moan.

It’s Not A Mirror

Unless it turns you on, don’t watch yourself. You can check every now and then to ensure you’re positioned in front of the camera but don’t just focus on your cam feed. It will be hard to enjoy the moment with your partner if you are getting caught up in what you look like. Remember that we aren’t porn stars and most of us don’t look like them. Trust me when I say, he thinks you’re better.


I personally prefer to mix things up with sex toys. If you have a dildo, vibrator, buttplug or whatever, then get it out. It keeps things interesting for the both of you. Also, experiment with showing him different angles.

Some things I have done are putting a dildo between my breasts and performing a ‘tit wank’ or sucking on the dildo. I also try different positions like kneeling doggy style, facing away from the camera, whilst I use a dildo. It gives him a different perspective and I can’t get tempted to cringe at my cam feed.

My Conclusion

Overall, just have fun with it. Try it and if it’s really not for you don’t bother again. Or wait until you are in a relationship with someone you feel more comfortable having Skype sex with.

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  1. Fun post… good advice… didn’t think of me having on something sexy like silk shorts… I’ve facetimed on iPhone with a friend a few times. Kind of hard to masturbate and hold a phone at the same time. But it got the job done and we usually ended up laughing.

    1. Author

      Sounds like it went perfectly then! I must admit I usually use a laptop. It definitely is a struggle when you’re attempting to do it on a mobile lol
      Aurora x

  2. I have used my iPad to FaceTime a couple of women, just prop it up with a few books , I watch them ride their big dildos while they watch me masturbate and blow my wad.

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