Sinful Sunday – His Penis On Paper


Back before the days of sex blogging I had time for other hobbies. Thing like nail art, drawing and netflix marathons. After seeing some great artwork posted last week by a couple of Sunday Sinners it occurred to me I could combine my new hobby with one of my old ones. So I captured a rather delicious photo of my partners cock and attempted to replicate it on paper. I admit I found it quite a challenge since it’s a body part I hadn’t tried drawing before. But I couldn’t think of anything more desirable to spend my evening staring at than a photo of his beautifully erect penis.

Penis drawing

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Sinful Sunday

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26 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday – His Penis On Paper

    • Me too! Your drawing last week was substantially better than the ones I was doing when I started! Drawing is very quick to improve on, I wish I had the time to try to improve more on mine.
      Aurora x

  1. Wow, you have some talent. That is a lovely drawing. Personally, my favorite thing to draw is penises. I have yet to dray my partner’s cock. I need to get on that. (Literally and figuratively). πŸ˜‰

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