Sinful Sunday – Cookie Cutter Cute

Sinful Sunday – Cookie Cutter Cute

Ever have a totally amazing idea for Sinful Sunday? Then you do it and it doesn’t go to plan at all? Well I had one of those weeks. So here’s my boob imprinted with hearts instead πŸ˜‰

Click the lips to see what other Sunday sinners have been doing this week!


Sinful Sunday

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  1. Oh, this is a very clever idea and lovely photo. I have definitely had those amazing idea moments and them not turning out as planned. Glad you found a fun alternative.

  2. Mine regularly don’t go to plan either. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Great image

  3. Oh yes I know that feeling only too well but sometimes I have found that can result in an unexpected image that is just as good


  4. Amazing . . . i will never be able to look at my heart cookie cutters in the same way!!!
    Xxx – K

  5. I like your clever use of concentric cookie cutters! The impression on your skin is playful and sexy. πŸ™‚

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