Share Our Shit Saturday – Number 8!

Share Our Shit Saturday – Number 8!


It seems like the Christmas break is finally over and everyone, myself included, is back to their normal blogging routines. Thanks to that, there were so many amazing blog posts for me to enjoy this week. And now I get to share my favourites so you can enjoy them too!

As always, titles are links ūüėČ

Scandarella – Almost Cold

Scandarella’s blog is one of my favourites. I can pop onto it with the complete confidence that whatever I read will be fantastic. Almost cold is sexy, romantic and completely relatable. I adore how it is based on smell, something so powerful when it comes to attraction and memories. I also love how quickly it turns from aww cute to damn that’s hot!

Livvy Libertine – Twenty One (Embracing the Numbers)

This post is short and sweet. But whilst it only took a few minutes to read, I was left pondering her final questions for a while. I love posts that encourage me to think about my body and how it behaves sexually. It is something I hardly ever do without prompting. It was also fascinating to hear about Livvy’s experiences of orgasms as they are so different to my own.

Bondage God – Pocket Pulse Remote Review

I don’t have a penis, nor do I have a partner. But, I still found myself reading this review from start to finish. That has got to be a sign of a good one. And after reading this review, I wish I had that penis or that partner so I had an excuse to get a Pocket Pulse. It sounds pretty damn good.

Erika Lynae – The Best (and Worst) Sex Toys of 2017

Okay, so it’s not a blog post but it’s a YouTube video. A highly entertaining, made me laugh out loud¬†YouTube video. Erika Lynae is just seriously awesome on camera. She gets straight to the point. Managing to cover loads of things from great sex toys, bad sex toys, amazing companies, a seriously crappy one and more in just a five-minute video!

Formidable Femme – The Fragmentation of Sarah

As a blogger also using a pseudonym, this post was so incredibly relatable. Aurora and I are the same, and we’re totally different. The truth is, I can’t explain the feeling of being two versions of me anywhere near as well as Sarah has in this post. It is fascinating for someone who can relate and probably even more so for someone who can’t.

Pain As Pleasure – Yes, Mistress – Triggers For Submission

I seriously love this blog. How they describe BDSM with such depth makes every post so damn interesting. The sex nerd in me was completely glued to this post. He is just so self-aware¬†and reading his thought processes can be incredibly beneficial. Even if your experiences aren’t exactly the same.


Exposing 40 – Rust Bucket (Photo by Tabitha Rayne)

There are too many amazing photos on Exposing40’s blog that I could use as a flashback. I’ve chosen this one because it was so inspiring to me. They made something beautiful out of some old rusty junk and saw potential where I would never have. This photo made me look at photography in a totally¬†new way.

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