Sex Toy Wish List

The Top 10 Sex Toys On My 2017 Wish List

The Top 10 Sex Toys On My 2017 Wish List

It seems to me that the more sex toys I own the longer my sex toy wish list gets. When You follow probably every sex toy reviewer on Twitter you are constantly seeing posts on lust-worthy toys. Toys that make my genitals perk up like a dog hearing ‘walkies’. I hope by the end of next year all these toys will sit proudly within my collection. And yes, it is a collection. Some people collect stamps, I collect sex toys. And if anyone has any genius storage solutions for such a collection, I’d love to hear them! So in no particular order (it was hard enough narrowing it down to 10) here it is…

My Top 10 Sex Toy Wish List

1. We Vibe Wish

This one keeps popping up in the collection of other bloggers. And every time I see it I ‘wish’ I could put my hand through my laptop screen and take it for myself. I know what We Vibe can do with sex toys and there is no doubt in my mind this vibe would make my clitoris sing. For those times it doesn’t feel like dancing with the Tango. Or when the Tango’s dead, which is like 75% of the time.

2. L’amourose Prism V

After trying the Denia and finding the dual fit completely wrong for my anatomy, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the rumble of its vibrations. It rumbles like no toy I’ve experienced before or since. The shape and colour of the Prism V look crazy beautiful and my g-spot wants it bad.

3. Vixen Mustang

Notice a pattern here? Yes, my taste in sex toys is far from cheap. My genitals are kind of on the snobby side. And being a sex toy reviewer can occasionally afford them that luxury. I also choose sex toy purchases over things like haircuts and you know, food. Did I say collection earlier? I meant obsession.
Anyway, the Mustang. The beautiful body safe creation. That looks so perfectly squidgy and firm all at the same time. The problem is, I really wouldn’t be able to choose between tie-dyed and realistic. Is it greedy to want both? I think I want both.

4. Womanizer + Size

I recently tried the Womanizer W500 and 2GO for the first time and they were seriously mind-blowing. Like, I can’t even put into words what an orgasmically, insanely pleasurable experience it was. I’ve just really got to try another version. It’s a genuine must. Not that I’m sure my body could handle an intenser orgasm than that I had with the W500.

5. Ruby Glow

Based on the reviews I’ve read I’m guessing the Ruby Glow doesn’t house the power I need to orgasm. So why on earth do I want it you may ask. The idea of straddling this whilst I sit and write erotica is seriously arousing. I even think it may help me in my writing. I know from sexting the more aroused I get the better my sexts become. Or at least they seem better? There is really only one way to know and that is by riding the Ruby Glow.

6. NY Toy Collective Shilo

I just want this dildo so bad. I want to wear it and I want to fuck it. I’ve never known a dildo to so clearly belong in my life as the NY Toy Collective Shilo. If anyone has seen this on sale in the UK then please let me know! My harness is sad without it.

7. Njoy Pure Wand

How do I not have this? Madness right? It’s actually due to the combination of a high price tag and a fear the weight may be too much for my hand pain. Since I find cutlery difficult to hold I’m guessing this may not be the most suitable dildo for me. But I still want it. Just to be sure. I mean I could be missing out on some seriously amazing orgasms right now. And from what I’ve heard about the Pure Wand, it is very probable that I am.

8. We Vibe Rave

I’ll be honest, I kinda didn’t want this. It looked okay but a bit too similar to every other vibrator out there. However, after being hit with an onslaught of ‘rave’ reviews I’m thinking maybe there is more to the We Vibe Rave than meets the eye. And clearly, there is only one way to really know for sure.

9. Coco de Mer Hot and Cold Ceramic Dildo

This is a sex toy I’ve wanted for so long. Yet despite my serious longing I just don’t think it’s one I would ever be able to warrant the expense for. The design is so beautifully elegant. The cork stopper reminds me of the romance of a note in a bottle washed ashore. But, the shape is lacking my much loved g-spot stimulating tip. So it may have to be a sex toy that lives forever in my wishlist. Like a bottled love note at the bottom of the ocean.

10. NobEssence Allure

How have I still never tried a wooden dildo? I’m constantly lusting after them and the beauty of all the different types of wood. Yet still, my vagina remains wood free. There is something about fucking something so natural that I find incredibly arousing. And the shape of the NobEssence Allure is exceptional. I just need it. I need it bad.

What sex toys are on your wishlist? Are you lusting after any of the same toys as me? Or even better, do you have any of the toys on my wish list? Let me know in the comments!

Sex Toy Wish List

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