Stamina – 8 Ways To Last Longer In The Bedroom

Stamina – 8 Ways To Last Longer In The Bedroom

One of the things I often hear my girlfriends complaining about is their partner’s lack of stamina. Short and sweet loving seems to be a common theme in many a bedroom and although some women don’t mind ( I don’t) some feel they’ve been left high and dry.

If you’re worried you don’t have the stamina to please your partner, here are some tips that could help put a smile on both of your faces.

⦁ Be in the moment – Concentrate on what is going on at that precise moment. Leave thoughts of the exciting ending until you actually reach it.

⦁ Masturbate more – Not only will you be relieving some of that sexual excitement, you can also try to train yourself to last a little longer each time.

⦁ Wear a rubber – I know we all hate them, especially if they aren’t necessary, but the loss of sensation is going to help you last longer. Studies show lubing up as well as rubbering up is a sure way to increase your loving time.

⦁ Pelvic floor exercises – Pelvic floor exercises aren’t just for women. Read this guide to see how you can increase your stamina with these simple exercises.

⦁ Fleshlight therapy – Invest in a Fleshlight (as if you needed an excuse). When you think you’re going to ejaculate, withdraw and squeeze just below the head of your penis. This will push the blood flow back and hopefully get you ready for more fun. Practice this technique with the fleshlight and then try it with your partner.

⦁ Communicate – If it’s something you’re worrying about it isn’t going to help things. Try talking to your partner about it and getting their support. Hopefully doing this will relieve some of your anxiety surrounding it.

⦁ Check your mental wellbeing – Is this a new issue? Are you feeling more stressed or depressed? Both of these things can decrease your sexual stamina. You may need to make some lifestyle changes or visit your doctor if this is the problem.

⦁ Foreplay – Have more foreplay. Having a slow build up will lead to a longer sex session. Also, most women take quite a bit of warming up, so try to get her close to orgasm before you get to penetration.

Remember that for most women 10 minutes of penetration is enough. If you do reach orgasm before her though, there is no reason why you can’t finish her off afterwards. My personal favourite way is with a Bullet Vibrator and a good fingering.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below!

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