Sensory Play – Arouse your partner through their taste buds

Sensory Play – Arouse your partner through their taste buds

Men think about sex 19 times a day and food 18 times! It’s clear combining the two through sensory play is a match made in heaven.

Sensory play in the bedroom involves blindfolding yourself or your partner in order to heighten your other 4 senses. This is one of my favourite bedroom activities so I am doing a post on each of the other senses, taste, smell, touch and sound, to show you how you can have sensational sensory play too!

The obvious way to arouse your partner through their taste buds is by using food. When you do this take it slow, brush the food against their lips and have them lick the food. When they do bite it take it away and then repeat. Let them savour the flavour and the experience.

To make it extra sexy have them lick the food off your finger or take it from between your teeth. If it’s liquid, you could pass it from your mouth to theirs. I have made a separate blog post on food to use in the bedroom which can be found here. Mix it up with a variety of flavours. Sweet, salty, juicy, spicy etc.

If it is something you know your partner is comfortable doing, you can make them taste themselves. Don’t put any food items around their genitals though as this can cause irritation or an infection.

To give a taste enhanced oral treat you can use your partner’s favourite flavoured lubricant on yourself. Or even use a flavoured Body Paint and have them lick it off of your body.

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