Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Bullet Vibrator Review

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji Oh My Bullet Vibrator Review

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji Oh My Bullet Vibrator Review

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji Bullet Vibrator Review

So few budget vibes do. But this one, now this is a bullet that means business. The Rocks Off Ohh! Moji Vibrator may be cute in design but don’t let the exterior fool you. For an affordable vibe, this bullet packs a punch that leaves me pulsating with pleasure. I am always on the lookout for budget-friendly toys to recommend, and this one just jumped top of the list. A toy that won’t break your bank but will break you out in orgasms. Fellow penniless clitsters rejoice!


This Rocks Off vibe comes in a suitably cute and fun cardboard box. Sandwiched inside between plastic, keeping your new bullet vibe secure.

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Packaging
Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Packaging


The Ohh! My bullet has a bold colour combination of shining turquoise, hot pink and black. All combined, of course, with the cheekily naughty emoji pattern. And like all good sext messages comes complete with aubergine emojis.

Made using ABS plastic it is body safe, smooth and rigid. The Rocks Off Ohh! Moji vibes are also fully submersible, tried and tested by me. So a fun and cheeky bath or shower are both possible and based on my experience, recommended.

At 3.5 inches in length, with an insertable length of 3 inches, it is definitely more of a clit pleaser than a vaginal toy. But as with all sex toys, it is about what works for each individual. Teasing the first few inches of the vagina can be a really enjoyable way of warming yourself up.

I learnt a few years ago that a battery powered toy doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a low powered one. And the Ohh! My is a perfect example of this. Powered by only one AAA battery, inserted by screwing off the base. It seems that’s all the battery power you need to get a good buzz.

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Battery Compartment
Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Battery Compartment


One push button controls the 10 functions of the Rocks Off Ohh! Moji vibe. With 3 levels of intensity and 7 patterns to choose from, there is plenty of variety to keep a clit entertained. A quick click of the pink button and you’re ready for action. Click some more to scroll through and when you’re all done, just hold the button down for a couple of seconds. Simples!

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Button
Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Button


If you need a deep rumbling vibe then you might not find the Rocks Off Ohh! My creams your cracker. However, if buzzy vibes are an option for you then you’ve got one powerful buzzer with this bullet. And despite a buzzy vibrators notorious reputation for numbing the clit, this one seemed to leave mine as full of sensation as when I started. Even after a good ten minutes of clitoral contact.

In regards to noise, it’s not the most silent vibe out there, but I’ve heard a whole lot louder. It’s nothing a shut door and a little background noise wouldn’t drown out. Though speaking of drowning out, how about just taking it in the bath or shower? My go-to places for ultimate discretion.

Play Time

Being the clitoral power queen that I am, I pressed this against my clit and jacked it straight up to its fullest setting. No messing about here. I’ve got things to do and orgasms to be had. It then took about 2 seconds for me to realise this wasn’t just any budget bullet. The Rocks Off Ohh! Moji had the power to satisfy my every urge. So I settled in with my favourite fantasy, waiting for my inevitable orgasm.

The tapered point bullet is my favourite design for clit stim. Especially when that bullet is made of a hard plastic that readily transmits the powerful vibes straight to my pleasure zone. Though something about the tip of this one rubbed me up the wrong way. As I jiggled it against my clit I’d get an occasional niggling pain. Nothing a little readjusting didn’t fix though. But, this is probably a good time to warn you that my clitoris is sensitive as hell if touched below the hood. Even oral sex is often painful for me. Is this going to be an issue for everyone who tries the Ohh! My vibe? I very highly doubt it.

I’ve used this toy a few times clitorally and every time I achieve a throbbingly good orgasm. It might take a little longer to get there than with rumbly vibrators, but that crescendo at the end is just as body shaking delicious.

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Tapered Tip
Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Tapered Tip

Dildo Combo

I can confirm that with the aid of a good g spot dildo, I achieved intense orgasm within about 20 seconds. My second one came about 30 seconds following that. Whilst these were definitely vaginal orgasms as opposed to clitoral ones, the external buzz gave me just the push I needed. I’m one of the unlucky many who can’t orgasm through internal stimulation alone.

Another important test of a good bullet vibe is how it functions during movement. Does it keep missing the good spot? Does it jab you, causing pain rather than pleasure? Or can it hold its own during an athletic sex session? Fortunately, this little vibe worked like clitoral magic as I bounced away. No issues, only the good vibe stuff.

Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Bullet Vibrator
Rocks Off Ohh! Moji! Bullet Vibrator


If there’s a beginner out there or a sex toy enthusiast looking for a good budget buy, I definitely recommend considering the Rocks Off Ohh! Moji bullet vibe. Whilst buzzy, it’s still powerful enough to achieve knicker wetting orgasms. Its petite size makes it perfect to use in combination with penetration and most importantly, of course, the design is cute as hell!

If you would like to try the pleasurable and purse friendly Rocks Off Ohh! Moji Bullet Vibrator you can purchase one here for £16.99

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Huge thanks to Rocks Off for sending me the Rocks Off Ohh! Moji Bullet Vibrator in exchange for an honest review!

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