Feature image for the Lureink Silicone Kegel Balls review. Both holders containing balls, and the rest of the balls, laid over the white satin storage pouch.

Review: Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set

Review: Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review

We all know the importance of Kegel exercises, with bladder control, leak prevention and better orgasms topping the workout results. But somehow, whilst I find the time to wank one out every day, I just forget to work out my pelvic floor. So much so, I made it one of my three new years resolutions along with maintaining my blog and reading 12 books. I have stuck to one of those resolutions and you’re reading this so… I’ll let you do the maths. Maybe, I decided, what I needed was a more convenient kegel exerciser than the current one I have to sit down to use. What if I could work out those leaky bladder muscles and mop up my kitchen floor all at the same time? Pink, pretty and made to suit all vaginal strengths, the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls seemed a good place to start pelvic floor sparkleisation.


I really don’t think a company can wrong with a sleek and sturdy black box. This one is filled with 5 pretty pink balls, a white satin storage pouch, 2 kegel holders and an instruction manual. If you know how I feel about storage pouches, you’ll know I practically peed my pants at the site of one.

Might as well get an excitable pee in there before things get too tight, right?

Image of the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Packaging. A rectangular black bx with Lurepink in silver lettering.
Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Packaging


If you’re not into pink, I’m going to have to disappoint you. Pink is the only colour combo these balls come in. The five balls are gradient coloured, starting from white and building up to dark rose. They are somewhat larger than the kegel balls I’ve tried in the past, at almost 4.5 inches in circumference. I have highly effective dildos that are that size.

Similarly to almost every other sex toy reviewer, these balls wouldn’t have found their way into my vagina if they weren’t body safe. They are made of a soft, smooth silicone, as is the two holders.

*Now, before progressing any further… The Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls are not ‘jiggle balls’. They aren’t designed to be a toy that gets you off, they’re designed to improve your sexual health. There’s no doubt there are people who would get a little heated over a filled vagina, but the balls aren’t made to move, jiggle or internally stimulate.*

Image of all five Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls, increasing in size from left to right.
Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls


Each ball, as well as being a different colour, is inscribed with their weight. With 5 different weighted balls, this set is able to offer 15 different combinations, from 35g to 150g. Not only does this make it a set suitable for most, it also means increasing your pelvic floor strength can be done gradually. Trust me, I’ve had a set that went from ‘it feels like air’ to ‘it won’t stay in my vagina’, a gradual increase is necessary.

The weights included are:

  • 35g – White Ball
  • 40g – Baby Pink
  • 60g – Dusky Pink
  • 70g – Bright Pink
  • 80g – Dark Rose

For anyone concerned 35g may be too heavy, it is honestly as light as a ping pong ball. Ironically, also the same colour. There are very few that would be unable to work with this ball. However, if you can’t, you can use it laid down and periodically squeeze your muscles against it until you’ve built up the strength to use it standing.

Image demonstrating the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Weight Inscription. Close up of me holiding the baby pink 40g kegel ball.
Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Weight Inscription

The Holders

This set comes with two grey, silicone holders. One holder is used with one ball and the other is used with two balls. The balls are reasonably easy to slot into the holes and stay very firmly in place once inserted. At the end of each holder is a silicone tail for removable. I can use the LurePink Silicone Kegel Balls without even noticing the slightest rub or tickle from the tail. It sure does come in handy when it’s time to squeeze them out though.

Image of both the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Holders
Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Holders

Kegel Time

The first time I used this set, I opted for the lowest weight. I figured as a two baby mamma, that slacks on kegel exercises, I was likely going to be at the lower end of the scale. Fine by me, we’ve gotta start somewhere, right?

I find two pumps of waterbased lube is my magic number and a good floor squat opens things up for insertion. They are large and this does make them slightly uncomfortable to insert, especially if you’re vagina isn’t as accustomed as mine is to 6 inch silicone shlongs.

So, about the balls being large…

As I worked my way up the weight scale, I couldn’t quite understand how my pelvic floor muscles had become quite so hench. Had I gone to sleep one day and woke up the next pelvic floor heavyweight champion? I certainly have never managed 150g with any other kegel ball sets. So, I weighed them. An inaccurate weight seemed more likely than my heavyweight theory. Nope, accurate. So, I got out another set of kegel balls, this time smaller but only 95g.

Um, where does one return an imaginary pelvic floor heavyweight medal?

Image of the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Single Holder, with dark rose ball inserted.
Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Single Holder

It seems to me the size outweighs the weights, making for balls easier to hold onto than other smaller designs. I’d estimate, from my experience, about 50g easier. If you’re looking for balls for a confidence boost, the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls have got you covered. However, I was more interested in finding something capable of stopping me peeing myself every time I vomit. I know, I know… TMI.

Now, I’m not saying these balls aren’t good. They are. And despite the fact I wish they were either a) smaller or b) heavier, I know regular prolonged workouts would still make a positive difference to my urine controlling capabilities. I could wear them for hours, squeezing and thus toning, as I go. But, for me at least, the boost of upgrading to heavier weights is part of the appeal. Unless I catch a sickness bug or drink too much vodka, how will I ever know if I’ve succeeded in my ‘not accidentally going to pee myself’ goal?

Image of the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Double Holder, with two balls inserted.
Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Double Holder


You would think, with 15 weight combinations, I’d be able to recommend the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls to just about anyone. From the beginners to the advanced. However, if someone like me (you read the pee comments, right?) can do squats comfortably with the 150g set inserted, things aren’t quite right. It’s a nice kit, but the balls just really need to be smaller or heavier for it to be as effective as possible.

If you are completely new to kegel exercises and have reasons for weakened muscles, such as vaginal birth, they would be ideal. And anyone else? Things can be improved if you use them as a reminder for a regular squeeze throughout the day. But honestly, I’d rather a bit of a challenge. Something to aim for so I can really see my progress. Besides, the reminder I usually get is that they’re about to fall out of my vagina, and that never happens with these chunky weights.

Lurepink Logo

If you would like to try the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls you can purchase a set here for $49

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Check out my guide to kegel exercises here!

Huge thanks to Lurepink for sending me the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Ball Set in exchange for an honest review!

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls


9.5 /10


5.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Body Safe Materials
  • Beautiful Design
  • 15 Weight Combos
  • Comfortable to Use


  • Balls Are Too Large

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  1. It’s good to read your thoughts, Aurora, on the Lurepink kegel ball set. I was offered the chance to test them, which I turned down due to other things going on in real- life. I’m interested to see that you feel the balls are too large. Do you know how they compare in diameter / circumference to the Fifty Shades Beyond Aroused Silicone set?

    1. Author

      Thank you, Luv Bunny! It is actually that exact set that I used to compare as they are quite a bit smaller in circumference. I found their largest weight compared to the largest weight of the LurePink set, despite a 60g difference.
      Aurora x

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